In today’s divided society, the old adage of never talking religion or politics in polite company no longer seems to apply. As the two tribes go to war at this week’s midterms, the question of whether brands have a responsibility to use their political voice arises. In this show-us-the-receipts era, […]

Interested in expanding your knowledge about the fashion industry and its most illustrious names? Watching documentaries is a good way to do so, which is why FashionUnited has coined a list of 10 non-fiction films every fashion student, professional or aficionado should watch. Dior and I (2014) "> A […]

Anyone looking for a career in the fashion industry should get used to the idea of considering international fashion schools. The majority of international fashion houses still sits in Paris, Milan, London and New York, so learning the language of one’s preferred location while studying can’t hurt. […]

Throughout university and school I’d never heard the term freelancer, I didn’t know what it was or what it entailed. However, in the fashion industry, the term is commonly used to describe someone who works for themself and can be hired on a casual basis for set projects or specific work based on their […]

REVIEWGiven the conversation around diversity that has ignited the fashion industry over the past several years, an exhibition examining race and fashion might seem overdue. It took a professor from Parsons who since 2016 has been teaching an elective class entitled “Fashion and Race” at at the school […]

Apparel consultancy firm Alvanon is launching an e-learning platform, after finding out the fashion industry lacks professionals with technical skills in a worldwide survey. The new company,, provides online courses for professionals interested in boosting their knowledge amidst a rapidly […]

Dutch Design Week, the international platform seeking to present innovation in the design industry, took place last week in The Netherlands, and this did not disappoint. Each year a selection of recently graduated art students from around the world travel to The Netherlands to present their designs, […]

INTERVIEWThe tectonic plates of the fashion industry have shifted radically over the past five years, the status quo disrupted by see-now-buy-now, the demand for inclusivity, environmentalism, and labor abuse scandals. Graduate fashion shows, those glamorous finales to the hard slog of completing BFA […]

Since 2000, Ohms Consulting has been placing executives and specialists in the fashion, lifestyle and creative industries and through Ohms Retail Services, specialises in services and talent searches in premium and luxury retailing. With these many years of experience, CEO Jutta Ohms can easily answer […]

The nominees for the Fashion Award 2018, in partnership with Swarovski, have been announced today during a press screening at Council at Soho House, London. The nominations were announced by Stephanie Phair, Chairman of the British Fashion Council (BFC), Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive […]