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Nottingham Trent University student creates accessible jewellery range

By Andrea Byrne

Aug 2, 2021


BA product design student Imani Hafeez from Nottingham Trent University has created an accessible jewellery range entitled Align to support people with cerebral palsy and those who struggle to fasten jewellery items.

The jewellery collection features a magnetic clasp with two grooves to hold the magnets in place. Some of the other designs include claspless necklaces, rotatable bracelets and necklaces that feature a toggle bar clasp. Additionally, she created an adaptor that can be retrofitted to existing jewellery.

Hafeez said in a statement: “By designing jewellery products in an accessible way, it will allow people with a range of conditions to feel more independent. So I genuinely hope that these products can contribute towards some disabled people having improved wellbeing.”

Grant Baker, senior lecturer in product design at Nottingham Trent University, added: “Imani has seen from the experiences of a close family member how people with a disability can be designed out wearing products such as jewellery.

“But by applying just a few simple design principles she has proved how easy it can be for items such as necklaces to be enjoyed by everybody, without anyone requiring any assistance from other people.”

The student’s work will feature at Nottingham Trent University’s art and design summer show, as part of an online exhibition on wearecreativesntu.art, along with other graduating artists and designers.

Photo credit: Nottingham Trent University