35 milion pounds of fashion and textile exports from the UK will be subject to new tariffs next week. To put this in perspective, figures form the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) show approximately 23 percent of exports from British luxury brands in 2017 were shipped to America. The 25 percent […]

Things are not looking good at Italy-based lingerie brand La Perla. The company is currently in talks to permit the suspension of 126 jobs according to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. “The company and the unions will meet again on Friday to continue discussions and agree on the next steps […]

The media industry continues to consolidate. Just a few days after Vice Media announced it would acquire women's fashion and lifestyle publication Refinery29, Group Nine Media has made a similar announcement. The New York-based digital media holding company will acquire female-focused online magazine […]

Go Global Retail has announced plans to acquire the assets of ModCloth, which had previously been owned by Walmart. Modcloth is a digitally native womenwear and accessories retailer, offering indie and vintage-inspired styles. "We feel good about the progress at ModCloth and believe that Go Global's […]

On July 12, 2019, Chanel filed a lawsuit in the United States naming multiple domains for infringement of its trademark and offering counterfeit products. The domains named in the suit are 8replicachanel.com, buyreplicasonline.com, and shoppinghandbags.top. Chanel asserts that their business suffers […]

INTERVIEW Online retailer Zalando wants fewer customers to return the clothes they purchased due to fit problems. About one third of all returns are due to clothes being too small or too large, and that, according to Zalando, could be optimized. If customers would receive the right size right away, […]

Global retail company Simon has contributed close to 280 million dollars towards a new multi-platform venture dedicated to digital value shopping, created in partnership with Michael Rubin of Rue Gilt Group. Rue Gilt Group operates premier online marketplaces that connect more than 25 million members […]

Leading global apparel technology company Alvanon has announced the appointment of Ton Wiedenhoff to executive director, Europe. Ton Wiedenhoff will lead Alvanon’s European team, with responsibility for the business development and support of key apparel retail, brand and sourcing clients. He […]

One of the most highly sought-after website domains, “fashion.com,” will be sold at auction later this October. “With the worldwide race in online fashion, I would expect fashion.com to attract a lot of interest from giant retailers and well-known brands, along with successful smaller players and new […]

Asos and Boohoo were two of the first fashion-forward mass-market online retailers to invest in the men’s plus size market in 2016 and 2017, respectively. EDITED analyzes how their offerings have changed over the last year and how this compares to brands that solely offer larger sizing. Four Highlights […]




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