Size and fit are among the top reasons customers return online orders, although they needn’t be. Nearly two decades ago technology innovator Alvanon began researching the possibilities to help standardize the selling of apparel online. Upholding the simple premise “let's look at the body that we […]

As France extended its lockdown and store closures until 11 May, there may be a silver lining for luxury brands who are seeing revenue bounce back in China. LVMH, which last week said its second quarter would also be severely affected by the crisis, saw sales up 50 percent at Louis Vuitton stores in […]

Neiman Marcus has defaulted on large interest payments on bonds that were due on Wednesday. The likelihood that the company will file for bankruptcy is looking imminent. Neiman's does have a grace period of five days to pay the 72.9 million dollars in interest on the bonds that are due to mature in […]

INTERVIEW One day Parvin was toiling to meet the fast-fashion demands of European capitals, the next she was among hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi clothes workers made instantly jobless as the coronavirus pandemic struck. Big-name international brands have cancelled billions of dollars in orders […]

Sportswear giant Nike has claimed the title of the world’s “most valuable” apparel brand for the sixth consecutive year, however, the Brand Finance Global 500 report also revealed that brands across apparel will be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and stand to lose up to 20 percent of their brand value. […]

US investor Gordon Brothers sold British streetwear brand Bench to fashion company Apparel Brands Limited. Wraith, an affiliate of Apparel Brands, bought the brand for an undisclosed amount. Apparel Brands Limited, currently one of Bench’s primary European licensees, has evolved into “the natural owner” […]

As Western countries continue to cancel factory orders with stores closed and e-commerce only doing so much to level off money lost from brick-and-mortar, Bangladesh's garment workers are getting let go left and right as the factories they work at continue to lose revenue by the day. To help ameliorate […]

True Religion filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court this week. The denim brand attributed its financial struggle to store closures caused by the pandemic, on top of existing liquidity constraints. This is the second time in less than three years that True Religion has filed […]

Hardly any industry was spared by COVID-19. However, one of the biggest industry sectors affected is the event industry. Guido Emmerich, Managing Partner and CMO of Avantgarde, deals with the question of whether formats such as trade fairs and events will be completely abandoned within the future or […]

Moss Bros has announced it will postpone publishing its full-year from late May to late July in light of the government’s new temporary relief measures. Last month, the company warned of a significant reduction in revenue and profitability for the year ending 30 January 2021, adding that prior to 13 […]




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