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British Fashion Council announces partnership with 50:50 The Equality Project

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Sep 2, 2021

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has confirmed a long-term partnership with 50:50 The Equality Project, an initiative created by the BBC for the media industry to increase representation and to create content that fairly represents the audiences it serves.

Launching during London Fashion Week, the BFC and the 50:50 The Equality Project will ask designers taking part to collect diversity data from their event, ranging from design teams to hair and make-up, models, production, and communications.

The collected data will then be used to benchmark and track progress in terms of reflecting the audiences, consumers and communities they serve and employ, as part of the BFC’s strategy to positively impact representation across the fashion industry. The BFC adds that it will also be collecting, benchmarking, and tracking its own progress.

The designers who have signed up to take part in the first round of the project are: Anciela, Anna Mason, Carlota Barrera, Edward Crutchley, Eirinn Hayhow, Ester Kubisz, Helen Kirkum, Joao Maraschin, Jordan Luca, Kaushik Valendra, Labrum, Matty Bovan, Osman, Palmer//Harding, POA, Ray Chu, Richard Malone, Roksanda, Saul Nash and Tiger of Sweden.

The BFC added that plans for the data collection to take place each season. The findings of the project will begin to be published after 18 months from the start, which will be used for continued benchmarking and monitoring purposes.

June Sarpong, director of creative diversity at the BBC and board director at the BFC, said in a statement: “We look forward to seeing the success we have seen of 50:50 within the BBC, positively impact London Fashion Week. 50:50 will encourage all businesses to make more conscious choices around the teams they employ from full time employees to the freelancers employed at shows, from models, to stylists, hair and make-up artists, communications and production teams.”

50:50 The Equality Project