Leading apparel manufacturer Kellwood Company is no longer owned by U.S. company Sun Capital Partners. A Hong Kong-based investor group has now acquired the apparel company for an undisclosed amount. Kellwood made this move due to its growing opportunities of expansion internationally. “We believe that […]

The United States on Wednesday put a division of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba back on a blacklist of "notorious markets" known for selling counterfeit goods and violating intellectual property rights. The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), which removed Alibaba from its […]

American clothing company The Limited may be headed towards financial turmoil soon. The apparel retailer has been speculated to file for bankruptcy in the upcoming year. The chain, which currently has over 240 operating stores, has dealt with declining business for the past couple of years. Since the […]

Dallas-based manufacturer Haggar Clothing Co. just announced its strategic move in partnering for a menswear line. The clothing company just entered a licensing agreement with Bernette Textile Company for men’s sweaters set to launch in the fall of 2017. The licensing deal worked in Bernette’s favor […]

London - Leather workers situated in Pakistan, one of the world’s leading leather producers, are suffering from a number of serious health problems according to the latest research from non-profit organizations SOMO and NOWCommunities. In addition, the 500,000 leather workers in Pakistan were found […]

Luxury cashmere brand Sand River has entered the US market and will offer complementary shipping to its US customers from its Shanghai location within four days and a local US-based return policy. The slow fashion brand currently operates eleven boutiques in Asia and has a worldwide e-commerce presence […]

Los Angeles - Earlier this month, the Los Angeles-based retailer confirmed that it would not go through with its 3,500 layoffs of employees. Instead, American Apparel put into motion a request to close nine of its stores, which recently just got approved by a court judge order. The basics apparel company […]

UPDATE More than a month after demonetisation was announced in India on November 8 in an effort to tackle black money, corruption and terrorism and the gradual move to a cashless economy, the situation is still far from ideal and prime minister Narendra Modi's goal of having normalcy restored after […]




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