Amazon has earned the ire of Europe and Germany. The company is currently Germany's largest retailer and an online host for smaller stores, and can now add target for an anti-trust probe to their list of German accomplishments thanks to the terms the company sets for other sellers. Germany is Amazon's […]

When it comes to gender equality on the board of directors, luxury conglomerate Kering is setting an example. Non-profit organizations European Women on Boards and Ethics & Boards ranked Europe’s 200 largest public companies according to the percentage of women on the board, the presence of a woman […]

Do not mess with Italy's tax authorities. Sometimes fashion brands are reminded of this the hard way. Business of Fashion has reported that Milan's prosecutors have wrapped up their probe into alleged tax evasion of around 1 billion euros by Gucci setting the stage for a formal request for trial. In […]

Hennes and Mauritz Inc (H&M) is set to roll out new benefits for its American part time employees in 2019. The changes include: six weeks of paid parental leave, a weekly schedule commitment with options ranging up to 12 minimum hours guaranteed from March through December, and a new scheduling mobile […]

American casual brand Juicy Couture, trendy in the 1990s and early 2000s, has signed a licensing deal with Platinum 3 Fashion GMBH Dusseldorf, the German subsidiary of Dubai-based Platinum 3, as part of its worldwide relaunch strategy. The duo is working on a Fall/Winter collection for 2019, which will […]

Luxury conglomerate Kering has announced it will fully internalize its e-commerce websites by the first half of 2020, putting an end to a seven-year joint venture with Yoox Net-a-Porter (YNAP), which was purchased by one of Kering’s main competitors, Richemont, in May. “Coordinated efforts and shared […]

Glamour, the fashion and beauty magazine popular with young women, is ditching its monthly print editions and embracing the online revolution, its chief editor and publishers Conde Nast announced Tuesday. As Conde Nast navigates choppy waters for print media, Glamour's 37-year-old editor-in-chief Samantha […]

American footwear company Toms got famous for its “one for one” campaign: for every pair of shoes sold, another one is donated to a child in need. Now, it is set to expand its charitable initiatives. In an interview on yesterday’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, founder Blake Mycoskie said: “tonight […]




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