It's no secret that Amazon is on a quest for global retail domination. Their next target in their quest is Australia. While Amazon did not give a specific date, they are hoping to roll out in the country by this year's holiday season. Rocco Braeuniger, Amazon's country manager for Australia, told 600 […]

London - Chinese e-commerce giant gave Alibaba a run for its money during Singles' Day, otherwise known as 11.11, the online shopping sales day. reported sales of 127.1 billion yuan, 19.14 billion US dollars for the shopping event, a 50 percent increase compared to last year. However, […]

Contemporary women's line Wildfox has recently entered a lawsuit with retail giant H&M. The Los Angeles-based brand has decided to engage H&M by filing a lawsuit of its own trademark infringement. This past week, the brand has lodged several complaints against the Swedish-based company. The lawsuit […]

Prada has signed a cooperation agreement with Italy's tax authorities according to Business of Fashion. This practice is known as cooperative compliance regime. Basically, there is an exchange of information between the company and authorities to avoid disputes and help businesses avoid tax demands. […]

Violence against women in the workplace is real and happens every day and everywhere - in factories, offices and on the shop floor. It takes many forms – from verbal harassment to physical and sexual abuse. All forms of violence are unacceptable, which is why global union federation IndustriALL has […]

My Size, Inc., developer of proprietary, smartphone measurement applications, has announced that after approval of its patent in Russia and Japan, it obtained similar approval in the U.S. The patent relates to My Size's "Measurement of a Body Part" technology. The U.S. patent will expire 20 years from […]

Spanish finishing specialist for sustainable clothing, Jeanologia, wants to turn “Made in Bangladesh“ into a quality seal. At the Bangladesh Denim Expo, which is taking place today and tomorrow in Dhaka, the leader in sustainable technology will present a collection that is made in Bangladesh, 100 percent. […]

Manufacturer for athletic apparel Badger Sportswear just announced a new acquisition. The company will be taking on company Alleson Athletic, a manufacturer of in-stock uniforms and custom sublimated garments. The acquisition works complementary for both organization creating a trade brand sportswear […]




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