Reebok is to see an inject of 33 million dollars by parent company adidas, as the American sportswear brand has seen slow growth in its home market. The revamp is to restructure the Reebok business, as unveiled by CEO Kasper Rorsted on Thursday. As a result the company expects to close underperforming […]

Donald Trump’s fashion designer daughter Ivanka has seen how her label has been the last victim of the presidential campaign cross fire. Her namesake brand has been the centre of various social media campaigns, calling for boycott. Macy’s cut commercial ties with Donald Trump months ago after his controversial […]

In an effort to restructure throughout its entire company, Performance Sports Group Ltd. has decided to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The announcement was made October 31 citing that the company has filed voluntary petitions for bankruptcy in the District of Delaware. The company decided to undergo […]

Retailer Primark recently confirmed that the credit and debit cards used at their stores may have been compromised. The company found payment card skimmers that were illegally placed on various payment machines that can steal credit card information. These skimmers are used by criminals in order to […]

Ireland-based retail group Primark US Corp. recently has found issues within their stores concerning a credit card scheme. The company has found that payment card skimmers have been illegally placed on various card payment machines in a couple of Primark locations. Primark has found that their stores […]

Major fashion companies are often put off by China and its rise in manufacturing prices, which is precisely why they are willingly turning closer to home to relocate production. Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal and Romania - each has its speciality in regards to sourcing and apparel manufacturing. Despite […]

London - Perry Ellis International has entered into an agreement with Sportsfactory Consulting for the distribution of Original Penguin by Munsingwear branded sports, lifestyle and fashion accessories in Europe. The deal will see Sportsfactory distributing accessories including small leather goods, […]

London - A ship is lost without its captain, a plane without its pilot and a car cannot drive without its driver. Strong leaders have always been needed to lead and realise companies visions for the future - whether they be short-term or long-term goals. Even though it remains a challenging period to […]




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