Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is suspected of having hidden more than 20 million euros (21.5 million US dollars, 14.8 million pounds) from French tax authorities using complex transactions between various companies, L'Express weekly reported Wednesday. French authorities declined to comment citing […]

London - The sums are huge by any standard: South America is to see a 4 billion dollar investment by Chile’s retail giant Falabella over the next three years. The investment is up 9.5 percent on the pervious four-year period, with 44 percent set aside to open 131 stores and 10 shopping malls. This year […]

Nautica is working on growing its innerwear category. The company had always produced their innerwear in-house, that was until they signed a licensing agreement with Carole Hochman Design Group, a division of consumer products company Komar, for the distribution of their women's sleepwear. Nautica has […]

UPDATEFormer Jimmy Choo partner Tamara Mellon is to close her self-named fashion company's Madison Avenue headquarters as part of a plan to emerge from bankruptcy in America. Mellon founded her company after she left Jimmy Choo having found significant financial backing to set up a new venture. However […]

Los Angeles - La Jolla Group, operational solution for youth retail brands, recently partnered with lifestyle brand Roark Revival. Acting as an operations management company, La Jolla Group will take over some of the main business aspects of the Roark Revival brand. La Jolla Group caters to various […]

The dispute between Indian clothing factory Pratibha Syntex Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. and Adobe systems Inc. has been solved. The factory, which exports a significant amount of clothing to the U.S, was accused of not paying licensing fees for both of those softwares. The lawsuit, which has been ongoing, […]

Sakroots is attempting to become a global lifestyle in an attempt to bring their sales figures to double digit growth. Chief executive officer Mark Telucci says the company is aiming for growth of 25 percent to 30 percent, with a focus on international markets including Canada, Indonesia, Korea, the […]

Los Angeles – In the past year, American Apparel has been facing daily struggles to remedy its business strategy. After filing for bankruptcy, introducing a turnaround plan, and negotiating with Oak NYC; the business has asked for an extension from a judge for their reorganization plan. Luckily for […]




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