REPORT_ Target Corporation reported that its third quarter 2014 adjusted earnings per share of 0.54 dollars decreased 2.9 percent from 0.56 dollars per share in 2013. GAAP earnings per share were 0.55 dollars in third quarter 2014, up 2.7 percent from 0.54 dollars last year. In the fourth quarter 2014, […]

REPORT_ Earnings at L Brands per share for the third quarter ended November 1, 2014, increased 42 percent to a record 0.44 dollars compared to 0.31 dollars for the quarter ended November 2, 2013. The company reported net sales of 2.319 billion dollars for the third quarter, an increase of 7 percent […]

German fashion label Hugo Boss is set to unveil its upcoming strategic growth scheme, which will run to the 2020 during the Investor Day event taking place in Paris today. The fashion brand predicts its sales growth to speed up and its margins to improve over the next few years as it works to “significantly […]

Fashion Capital Partners is the first investment company dedicated to the combination of fashion and technology. Founded late 2013 in Paris, Fashion Capital Partners is an investment company (the first of its kind) specializing in seed capital for innovative companies active in both technology and apparel. […]

REPORT_ Dick’s Sporting Goods Company reported consolidated net income for the third quarter ended November 1, 2014 of 49.2 million dollars, or 0.41 dollars per diluted share, compared to the Company's expectations provided on August 19, 2014 of 0.38 dollars to 0.42 dollars per diluted share. […]

REPORT_ Snowbird announcing its financial results for the nine months ending September 30, 2014 said that the Group sales revenues increased 37.2 percent to 125.9 million euros (157.1 million dollars) compared to 91.8 million euros (114.5 million dollars) during the nine months period last year. All […]

REPORT_ Urban Outfitters announced third quarter net income of 47 million dollars and 152 million dollars for the three and nine months ended October 31, 2014, respectively. Earnings per diluted share were 0.35 dollars and 1.09 dollars for the three and nine months ended October 31, 2014, respectively. […]

The Cambodian government announced a few days ago that the minimum wage of garment workers would be raised to 128 US dollars per month starting from 1st January 2015. Though the new wage is higher than the 123 US dollars suggested by the Labour Advisory Committee, it is significantly lower than the […]

The media giant Condé Nast has been ordered to pay 5.8 million dollars (3.71 million pounds) in a lawsuit settlement for failing to pay thousands of former interns. The class-action lawsuit, which was brought against Condé Nast by two former interns, Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Leib, […]

REPORT_ During H1 2014, Rocket Internet continued to capitalize on the significant market opportunity especially in emerging markets through its network of companies, which have been performing in line with expectations. The Proven Winners companies had an average weighted GMV period-over-period growth […]




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