The Levi’s 501 button fly jeans, the original and first ever blue jean, born in 1873, is being immortalised in a new documentary exploring the impact the Original 501 jean has had on cultural history. The 17-minute three-part film, made in partnership with Cone Mills Denim in North Carolina, pays tribute […]

London - The Victoria & Albert Museum's thrice yearly publication on the visual arts and fashion sees a photographic and personal tribute of David Bowie by Hedi Slimane in its Spring issue. The Saint Laurent Creative Director previously photographed Bowie for his own book Stage, a study of photographic […]

The Met's "Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style" exhibit had a lot to live up to coming off the heels of its record attendance breaking predecessor "China Through the Looking Glass." However, the exhibit, which celebrated the countess and socialite, held strong, attracting 194,820 visitors. The total […]

London - American Vogue is to release a new documentary about its annual Met Ball gala, dubbed the Super Bowl equivalent for the social fashion calendar. Following the days leading up to the annual Met Ball, (the gala that marks the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s spring exhibition), director […]

Prada's cultural export doesn't come by way of fashion or handbags, and they would prefer one rather didn't muddle the two. To keep artistic integrity, Italy's billion euro luxury empire has a clear vision for its foundation, that it aims to communicate the zeitgeist and be “an outpost to analyse present […]

Los Angeles - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has an upcoming show dedicated entirely to fashion. Entitled Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear 1715-2015, the exhibition will open this April 10 to August 21. The exhibition will present the history of dress in menswear dating back to the eighteenth […]

Between the two documentaries that have debuted about Yves Saint Laurent's history in 2014, he's easily one of the most beloved figures in fashion history. Many would love a glimpse into what the designer's work life was really like, but now they can finally stand their chance. When the Pierre-Berge […]

The 2009 death of arguably one of the greatest fashion designers of his time was a bit much for the fashion industry to handle. McQueen was one of the brightest fashion stars of the time, and his success was expected to go on for decades to come. When the news of his tragic suicide broke, the industry […]

Luxury fashion conglomerate Kering has partnered up with the Sundance Institute 'Women at Sundance' Fellowship program to offer year-long support to six female film-makers. The initiative, which was developed to help film-makers over cover potential obstacles they may encounter whilst creating a career […]

Fairy tales have long been a major inspiration for the world of fashion. Just look at the Cinderella inspired dress actress Lupita Nyong'o wore to the Oscars in 2015. In her description of what the word fairy tale means to fashion, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology curator Colleen Hill […]




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