The Leitmotiv label makes no secret of its Italian roots: they are instantly recognisable. It could perhaps be described as a modern, updated version of Moschino, or an Italian-centric yet more subtle Dolce & Gabbana, but that wouldn’t even come close to doing justice to the joie de vivre embodied by […]

For the first time, a German label has won in the PREMIUM Young Designers Award Activewear category. Unconventional draping and shapes are what makes Dresp’s sporty collection suitable for everyday wear. Founded in 2015 by Sandra Dresp, the label combines activewear, bodywear and swimwear with elements […]

Denim boutique trade show Kingpins is set to launch a new denim trend initiative which aims to showcases its exhibits denim fabrics. The new concept, which will be unveiled next season with Spring/Summer 2018 at Kingpins shows in New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong brings together a comprehensive seasonal […]

The athleisure trend is the topic on everyone’s lips. Sporting activity, most notably yoga, is nowadays part and parcel of the lifestyle of young, modern urbanites. This is behind the rise in sales of streetwear, sportswear as it were, that people are wearing in non-sporting contexts too – even to the […]

For brands, ‘heritage’ is a buzzword that has become something of a Holy Grail. It’s easy to think that, as a business, if you have a good company back story, you’re essentially halfway there. Great news then for Castañer, the Spanish brand that can be traced all the way back to Rafael Castañer, the […]

Lady Gaga knows her stuff. When Mother Monster loves an item of clothing so much that she wears it on the cover of her album, the label that created it then shares the limelight of the international stage. The Ukrainian, who runs the label together with her husband, is now among the winners of the Premium […]

If you are interested in finding out what happens when the finest New England preppy style collides with Italian sprezzatura, look no further than Brooksfield. The label, which was founded in 1971 and is based in Verrone, Biella, is a specialist in mixing Anglo-Saxon style and Italian craftsmanship. […]

INTERVIEWSourcing@Coterie just came on the market as a new annual sourcing event. The launch comes from UBM Fashion Group, which organizes trade events such as Magic and Coterie. The newest addition will feature renown factories and fabric provides in order to connect luxury and designer brands. The […]




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