This is a fairytale success story: as recently as 2012 Milena Jäckel set up a brand in Berlin that specialised in tech accessories. Fast-forward to 2015: Iphoria, the name of her brand, is sold in 35 countries by retailers such as Harvey Nichols, KaDeWe, Steffl in Vienna and Ludwig Beck in Munich, as […]

The fashion business is desperately searching for ways to surprise its customers and use experiences to tempt them into stores. What could be more effective than offering something that the internet can't? The power of smell can catapult us back to specific moments in the past and awaken emotions in […]

For the first time, Bogner is presenting its complete ‘World of Bogner’ at Premium in Berlin, encompassing the full range of collections as well as a selection of franchises. With 180 square metres of exhibition space, national and international trade visitors and media representatives will be able […]

The Lotgering sisters, Liesbeth and Violet, design scarves featuring extraordinary patterns and prints at their studio in Amsterdam. The sisters make a fantastic team. Liesbeth studied textile design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, while Violet studied graphic design at the School of Arts in Groningen. […]

The moon landing in 1969 provided designer Giancarlo Zanatta, from the small town of Montebelluna, with his motivation to design a shoe that would be similar to those worn by astronauts. In 1978 the Tecnica footwear brand registered the Moon Boot brand. The super-lightweight, super-warm boots quickly […]

Fashion label Luis Trenker has been around since 1966 and is named after the eponymous famous mountaineer, film producer and writer. The fashion firm was established by Michi Klemera in the small Italian town of Bolzano, and the headquarters of LUIS T. Srl are still there today. The new women’s collection […]

The ultimate jacket: Björn Gericke's vision when he founded his label g-lab was to achieve nothing less than this. Growing up in a family who had made a name for themselves with their motorbike clothing, the Düsseldorf designer came into contact with functional clothing early on. In 2010 he founded […]

The Swedish activewear brand Casall was established in 1984 by Carl-Axel Surtevall. The premium brand, which unites performance with fashion, was a long way ahead of its time. We could even call it the first Swedish athleisure brand. ”It matters” is the motto of the Swedes, whose self-image is based […]




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