Fordham School of Law to offer World's First Fashion Law degree

London - Fordham Law School, the Fashion Law Institute and designer/CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg have come together to launch the world's first degree in fashion law. The launch of the new degree comes less than a decade after Professor Susan Scafidi created the first course in fashion law at the New-York based Fordham Law School. Then in 2010, with the support of the CFDA, the Fashion Law Institute was established. Currently, fashion law is seen as an integral part of business within the fashion industry.

"I am proud to support this groundbreaking degree program in fashion law," commented Von Furstenberg. "I firmly believe this program will become a powerful tool in the fashion world and beyond, and help us all as an industry – lawyers or not – better understand, grow and protect our businesses." The new course is set to begin come autumn and will offer attorneys and non-lawyers alike the chance to pursue master's degrees in fashion law. The Master of Laws in Fashion Law, will give lawyers an in-depth understanding of the law and business and give access to special courses taught by fashion insiders as well as classes focusing in fashion finance, fashion modeling law, fashion licensing and sustainability.

However the institute also aims to help designers, executives and other fashion industry professionals to learn more about law and how it affects the business of fashion and will therefore offer the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) at Fordham with a specialization in Fashion Law. The course aimed at those who want to know more about law but do not aspire to become lawyers. The MSL degree is seen as the next step in fashion law after the Fashion Law Institute summer program. "Ignorance of the law is no defense," added Professor Scafidi, "but for too long law schools have left everyone but lawyers ignorant of all but the most basic legal rules." By opening the doors to fashion law to anyone in fashion who is interested, the Fashion Law Institute not only strives to prepare graduates for a future career in fashion, but also aims to provide a model for the future of legal education itself.

"The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law has provided our students with significant experiences in a dynamic, growing field of law," said Dean Michael M. Martin. "We're grateful for Professor Susan Scafidi's leadership and excited about the opportunities these two new master’s degrees will offer to future students." Application for both programs are now open and will be available on both part-time as well as a full-time basis. Students can begin either in the autumn or spring and can complete the program within two semesters if attending full time.





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