Fashionistas hearts broke all around the world when Jean Paul Gaultier announced last year that he would be shutting the doors on his ready-to-wear line after his last collection during Paris Fashion Week in September. Well, those broken hearts can now be mended, because Women’s Wear Daily has reported that Jean Paul Gaultier will be collaborating with Japanese retailer Seven and iHoldings. Gaultier’s heart and soul might be in couture, but, it seems like he couldn’t stay away from ready-to-wear for too long.

The capsule collection that will be respectfully called “Jean Paul Gaultier for Sept Premières” will include over 50 pieces. The name for the collection comes from the new company that will launch under Seven and iHoldings at the same time. While the collection might be coming from one of the most luxurious and opulent designers that Paris has to offer, it will be at a very affordable price point.

Prices for the collection range anywhere from 32 dollars to 250 dollars, a very small price to pay for a collection that comes from a man whose primary focus is now designing multi-thousand dollar couture gowns. The collection is planned to last for two seasons so that gives fashionistas a whole two seasons to stock up on this fabulous collaboration. It won’t be that easy to come by, however.

The collection will be made available in Seven and iHolding owned stores Sogo, Seibu, and Ito Yokado all across Japan, and even their 7-11 convenience stores, meaning that it will be available for order and pick-up across 17,000 locations. Those American and European Gaultier fans will need to start planning ahead for a trip to Japan, however, because currently no announcements have been made to bring the collection to American or European shores. Either way, the collection is sure to make its way to e-bay eventually where fashionistas across the globe can get their hands on it, and it is still exciting to see Mr. Gaultier return to ready-to-wear.





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