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Les Deux - Rewear

By Sponsor

Oct 7, 2021


Image: Les Deux

In connection with our sustainable development, we have developed a comprehensive strategy based on three focus areas; material strategy, conscious consumption and responsible management of supply chains. This strategy is a fundamental part of Les Deux's future and represents a long-term process that is constantly optimized and refined in order to create a more sustainable and responsible organization as possible. The three focus areas have been specifically selected as they embrace a wide range and meet our desire for a sustainable transformation across the company's focus areas.


This element of our strategy is about reducing the pressure on nature's raw materials by maximizing resource consumption and reducing waste of usable textiles and materials. This is a change in our design and purchasing process, where the task will be to examine which textiles are left with which suppliers and subsequently how the design should look - No matter how responsible a production has been, the sustainable aspect will be insignificant if the product ends up in the landfill. or unused at the back of the wardrobe.

The design style of Les Deux has always focused on clean lines and classic aesthetics, but where persistence and flexibility have also been of great importance. These "slow consumption" characteristics of durability contribute to a sustainable use phase, where the product's utility value is maximized - a counter-reaction to the industry's dominant fast-fashion practice.

One of the cornerstones of the sustainable development of the clothing industry is undoubtedly the way we buy and consume our clothes. Studies show that 30% of our clothes in the wardrobe have not been used for a year but just lie and take up space without a purpose. We try to address this issue through our new concept Les Deux Rewear, which will form the framework for a more conscious clothing consumption, so that we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable industry. The platform enables the recycling of used Les Deux clothes that we receive, clean, repair and send on to new consumer, giving the clothes new life. This means that the lifespan of the clothes is extended and the resources used for production are maximized. In addition, to the risk of the clothes being thrown out is significantly reduced.

Les Deux Rewear encompasses the concept of circularity, which is fundamentally about products being used for as long as possible and recycled to the greatest possible extent after the end of life. This focus area reduces the probability that the total waste will be reduced, which is one of the essentials for being able to transform the clothing industry in a more sustainable direction.

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