Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer, who was ousted from the suit retailer two years ago, has launched zTailors, a company that sends clothing tailors to homes or offices.

zTailors’ website allows booking a tailor, which can be also done with a phone call. The company says it has hundreds of tailors in more than a dozen states in the US and plans to be nationwide by the end of the summer.

The app, called zTailors, will schedule a tailor to come visit your office or home where you will get measured and fitted for a standard price. The items will be taken with the tailor, who will perform the alterations and return the items.

"It's Uber for tailors," summed up Zimmer to the ‘New York Times’. He added that “in the closets of Americans, there is billions of dollars’ worth of apparel that has accumulated over the years,” he said. “It doesn’t all appear on the good side of the closet. It doesn’t all fit. That’s either because it has shrunk, or you have grown.”

Barely hours after zTailors was officially launched, Macy’s and Bloomingdales have made public their agreement to pilot the tailoring company.

The retailer is starting out the service for and customers in Los Angeles, and will start testing it out in the New York, San Diego and San Francisco areas later this month. The service will be available nationwide by early fall 2015 at a cost similar to what customers are charged in stores.





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