OPINION Fashion may not be the top name on the cultural sector list, but by no means should fashion's influence on the zeitgeist be underestimated. Everywhere you look and turn we are consciously and subconsciously privy to fashion statements, from shop windows on the high street, to images in magazines, […]

Mezzi, the brand known for their high quality Italian leather handbags, is about to become known for their tech capabilities as well. Their handbag linings will now have a discreetly designed Trackr for iPhones and Androids. Trackr, which was launched through Mezzi’s iOS app, enables wireless connectivity […]

With the ready-to-wear shows drawing to a close for another season in New York, London, Milan and Paris, the most fashion-forward Fall/Winter 2015-16 apparel shapes have been revealed by the Trendstop catwalk experts. Directional trends update womenswear across all sectors, from Coats & Jackets, Knitwear […]

Buenos Aires offers courses, training, technical and university courses on the world of fashion like no other country in Latin America. For over a decade now the volume of foreign students choosing to study in the Argentine capital has increased significantly. The education available is very diverse: […]

Anyone who thought that Apple was going to be the only one taking a piece of the smart watch pie was obviously living in some delusional reality. Swatch Group announced on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 that they will be releasing a collection of touch screen “smart” watch pieces aimed at special interest […]

Surely you have noticed the paradox of the front row at fashion shows. The amount of media coverage dedicated to celebrities arriving at fashion week presentations sees photographers snapping away at the head count of mostly paid-to-watch celebrities, wearing designer-borrowed outfits that are instantly […]

REVIEW After the fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan, last week was it the French capital city's turn to take to the fashion spotlight. With a total of 92 shows, Paris rounded off the "month of fashion." At the opening of the fashion week, the city's mayor, Anna Hidalgo, made it clear that fashion […]

Sometimes it seems like American fashion just doesn’t get enough credit. Particularly in menswear which often goes ignored in favor of trendier and more popular European brands. Well, Target still sees plenty of reason to celebrate American menswear. On Sunday, Target will be launching Target Collective, […]




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