David Meister, creative director and CEO of David Meister Enterprises, is relaunching his collection for fall with Groupe JS International. The brand partnered with ACI Licensing Inc., a Los Angeles based company, last September. The new relaunch came from the fact that Groupe JS International can effectively […]

OPINIONTrendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort recently presented her prognoses for fall and winter 2016-17 in Paris. She did not, however, limit herself to menswear and active wear. She gave an anti-fashion presentation and accompanying manifest in which she declared the death of fashion and the garment to […]

The first lesson in retail is that what you see on the runway is not the same as what the buyer sees in the showroom, which may also differ from what is delivered to retailers six months later. Catwalk collections are a series of looks that best portray the image of the brand for the season. A commercial […]

IN DEPTHThese days things are happening fast in sustainable fashion in Scandinavia. Alternative fibres, recycled cotton, organic cotton, improved labour conditions in manufacturing countries – the possibilities for making the fashion industry greener and more ethical surely exist and are being exploited. […]

Greenpeace East Asia has released its latest Detox catwalk, a report that assesses how effective fashion brands really are in removing toxic chemicals from their supply chains and tackling water pollution. The catwalk divides them into three groups : Detox leaders, greenwashers and Detox losers. Sportswear […]

There could be a whole lot of pink coming your way soon. Much to the joy of those ladies who have never stopped being obsessed with Hello Kitty, and probably do more than their part to keep Sanrio afloat, Hello Kitty will be coming out with a new line of apparel. This won’t be any ordinary line of apparel, […]

What if someone told you that you could fuel your designer shoe addiction without considering taking out a second mortgage on your home, or applying for that third credit card? You’d probably look at them like they had just sprouted a second head, but, thanks to fashion start-up M. Gemi that dream can […]

OPINIONIt has been only a year since Marc by Marc Jacobs presented its AW14 collection under the debut creative leadership of Brit duo Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. Monday's announcement that the label was to be merged with the mainline came as somewhat of a surprise to the industry. Marc Jacobs' […]




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