Hailed and feared for borrowing logos from brands and artists, French label Vetements also made use of the logo of a Berlin nightclub last year. The logo of the LGBTQ disco named Ficken3000 - literally translated as F***3000 - was printed on a black Vetements t-shirt without prior consent from the nightclub […]

In February, Nike challenged designers, engineers and scientists around the world to come up with creative responses to two questions: what can be made from footwear material waste? And how can the footwear recycling process be improved? After receiving more than 600 applications from 58 countries, […]

The women's wear and accessories brand Proenza Schouler is highlighting the issue of gun violence with its latest campaign. The label has unveiled an exclusive t-shirt design in which proceeds will go towards for organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The piece features graphic encouraging voters to […]

The U.K. fashion brand Whistles is expanding to the U.S. market with the opening of its first standalone store in New York. The location, which spans an entire block, opened Thursday on Spring Street in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The shop’s inventory will comprise the brand’s womenswear pieces, […]

Wanda Ferragamo, matriarch of the Ferragamo luxury Florentine shoemaker and the company's honorary president, has died at age 96. The brand's founder, Salvatore Ferragmo, died nearly 60 years ago, leaving the company and its operations in Wanda's hands, who ran the business alongside raising six children. […]

Hat designer Eugenia Kim is releasing a collection of headpieces created expressly for wedding day celebrations. The line comprises 16 items that can be worn by both brides and member’s of wedding parties at any stage in the ceremony. Among them is a vintage feather look and beach-worthy hat perfect […]

Genderless fashion appears to be more than just a trend, it's here to say. Just ask Asos, which has just launched an entire genderless fashion division. The site, which is popular among younger millennials and members of Gen-Z, is going after the market for those who don't want or care if their clothes […]

Russia is emerging as a prominent fashion capital, which is why one should keep an eye on the 37th edition of Russia Fashion Week, currently being held in Moscow. Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, the event features prominent local labels, such as Fashion Laborator, KseniaSeraya and Pirosmani. Key industry […]




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