Tall and stereotypically thin, Chinese fashion model Xu Naiyu exudes a happy optimism but is matter-of-factly realistic about the fickleness of her chosen career, and how conventions of beauty change around the world. The 21-year-old has been a frequent sight on the runways of China Fashion Week, which […]

UPDATE A French government minister on Wednesday compared women who wear the veil to "negroes who supported slavery" amid a backlash against the growing trend for Muslim-orientated fashion. Families minister Laurence Rossignol, sparked outrage on social media with her comment which came after former […]

Los Angeles - Known for its stylish toddler-sized footwear, Akid Brand has made a name for itself in the childrenswear market. Branching out this week into apparel, the Los Angeles-based label is launching its first full-fledged line of clothing. The brand has only been around for a little over two […]

Former fashion mogul Pierre Berge lashed out Wednesday at designers creating Islamic clothing and headscarves, accusing them of taking part in the "enslavement of women". The French businessman, partner of the late fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent, took aim at the wave of big fashion chains that have […]

London - Following in the footsteps of its parent company H&M, high street retailer Cheap Monday has launched a new initiative encouraging consumers to recycle their unwanted garments in exchange for in-store discount voucher, known as the C/O Cheap Monday Project. Cheap Monday launches new recycling […]

Sometimes shocking, often game-changing, always visionary, certain designers become the name on everyone’s lips for a millisecond. Then they’re gone, no longer part of contemporary conversation, and barely even a footnote in the fashion history tomes that threaten the slender legs of the chicest coffee […]

Los Angeles - After establishing itself as an online apparel company, Revolve has finally branched into new territory. The Los Angeles-based brand just recently launched a new line for children and toddlers. The company currently has over 600 designers displayed on their website. Typically though, Revolve […]

OPINION US fashion retailer American Eagle Outfitters has won over thousands of fans through its campaign #Aeriereal, which features real, untouched and non-photoshopped models of all sizes in their swimwear and lingerie, promoting self-love and body positivity amongst women. Now it seems as if the […]

In-between the international menswear and womenswear trade fairs taking place over the last few months, a range of leading kidswear shows were also hosted in the cities of Amsterdam, Paris and London for Fall/Winter 2016-17. Kleine Fabriek included a section dedicated to up-and-coming talent in the […]

INTERVIEWAfter worries over Syrian conflict cotton and even Syrian refugee children surfacing in Turkish garment factories, here is some positive news for Syrian refugees: Denim City, an Amsterdam non-profit organisation dedicated to craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability in the denim industry, […]




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