Los Angeles - As the drought continues in California, apparel companies are forced to adapt. Eco Prk, an eco-friendly laundry company, recently launched a panel to discuss how the drought affects the industry and what changes need to be made. The denim laundry company specifically caters to brands that […]

An elegant former hotel employee remembers dyeing gauze bandages and turning them into ruffled skirts to remain fashionable despite chronic shortages in communist-era Poland. "It was a major challenge; to make something that was impossible to get your hands on otherwise," recalled Iwona Koczwanska who […]

Say goodbye to Mink coats: Italian fashion king Giorgio Armani said Tuesday he would no longer use any real animal fur in his collections, saying there was no excuse to indulge in such "cruel practices". The designer and dresser of stars such as singer Beyonce and actress Cate Blanchett said fur would […]

INTERVIEW After a long career in fashion, James Mendolia had grown disillusioned by an industry that seemed to care little about the waste, plunder and destruction it left in its wake. Through his work in fabric development and merchandising, he counted Ralph Lauren, Barneys and Italian manufacturer […]

Last week, the CFDA announced that they are partnering with the Weinstein Co. to film this year's CFDA awards. In the last few days, there have been a lot of rumors over whether the CFDA would take the approach of doing it as a live broadcast, basically giving it similar treatment to something like […]

Ever since Coachella gained popularity a couple years ago, the music festival’s influence on fashion has been undeniable. Multiple lines have collaborated with the music event to create fashion lines. Following suit with bohemian-inspired clothing, Hale Bob just recently launched her new collection […]

This week, the experts at Trendstop bring FashionUnited readers a special feature dedicated to the latest developments emerging in the sportswear sector, as we reveal three directional new trends that combine athletic, performance-led design with fashion-led trends. Members of our international team […]

From ready-to-wear knits manufactured instantly to customised dresses produced on inkjet printers, Japan's apparel industry is turning to state-of-the-art technology in a bold bid to cut labour costs and secure its future. At manufacturing giant Shima Seiki's factory in western Japan, garments materialise […]

London - For the majority of fashion history, the word 'nude' was associated with light to medium skin tones, excluding darker skin colours in spite of 84 percent of the world's population being a skin colour which is other. However, over the years a handful of brands, such as Nubian Skin, and Christian […]

London - Yoga, once a physical and spiritual exercise discipline, is now a major source of fashion inspiration for numerous yoga, athleisure and fitness wear brands. Sportswear is the fastest growing sector in women's ready-to-wear, and in the UK is expected to surpass 8 billion dollars by 2019, according […]




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