Lindsey Vonn was among the luminaries on hand last month to christen "Big Snow," North America's first indoor ski facility, part of a new 5 billion US dollars mega-mall in New Jersey. For about 30 bucks, consumers can ski for two hours on a 1,000-foot (300-meter) hill of man-made snow, the glare of […]

Online luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter has expanded its sustainable platform, Net Sustain, by adding a new category for beauty products. Launched in June last year with 26 brands, Net Sustain highlights sustainable brands and helps shoppers identify products that are ethically made. Now, 27 brands […]

Emerging designers with ambitions to launch a retail emporium with a cause can apply for a new competition to win a two-week free store in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles. Appear Here, a leading marketplace for short-term retail space, is launching Space for Ideas, a competition providing free […]

Forever 21 is targeting consumers in Canada, Asia, APAC and LATAM through localized online stores. The American retailer has teamed with cross-border e-commerce solutions provider Global-e to build its localized digital stores and accelerate online growth in each specific market. The new online stores […]

Gen Z, digital natives aged between 7 and 23, is a massively fetishized group when discussing the future of retail. So Stylus forecasters at the semi-annual Decoded Future New York created a presentation focused on how to tap into this 40 percent of consumers, which now harbor some major spending power. […]

Amazon is considering open stores in Germany, its second biggest market after the United States. Amazon has physical stores in the United States, its largest market, including Whole Foods, which they acquired and checkout-free Amazon Go food stores. Ralf Kleber, Amazon's e-commerce head in Germany, […]

As the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar retail model continues to struggle and legendary stores like Barneys filed for bankruptcy last year, new retail models that combine membership and the sharing economy, like Flying Solo, where brands pay a flat membership fee and maintain all the profits from retail […]

The first official NBA store opened in Mexico City, where basketball clothing and products can now be found. Different clothing items, such as T-shirts, caps and pants, as well as footwear pieces are available behind the large facade that displays the league's logo. The pieces are exclusive NBA items […]

London - The retail crisis looks set to continue in the new decade as estimates of store closures and lost jobs will increase in comparison to 2019. The Centre for Retail Research predicts 171,669 job losses in 2020 (an increase of 19.8 percent) and 17,565 store closures (an increase of 9.3 percent). […]

Louis Vuitton has become one of the first luxury brands to respond to the impact of the ongoing anti-government protests in Hong Kong. The luxury brand will be closing one of its Hong Kong stores that was impacted by the protests. South China Morning Post reported that the brand will be closing its […]




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