Shopify is expanding its e-commerce platform with a consumer-facing mobile shopping tool. The company, which hosts over one million businesses through its web platform, has announced a new shopping app to bring local businesses as well as global brands right to the fingertips of consumers everywhere. […]

Bangladesh commerce minister Tipu Munshi has called on the UK government to take action to stop retailers cancelling orders and prevent the potential widespread closure of factories that it could lead to. Bangladesh, which is the world's second largest garment exporter behind China, employs approximately […]

Global payments and shopping provider Klarna has teamed up with Asos to support the International Committee of the Red Cross in its frontline response to Covid-19 with the launch of ‘Giveback Day’ on April 29. Asos Giveback Day will mean that for every transaction carried out on the fashion giant’s […]

As states begin to loosen lockdown restrictions from coronavirus, department stores are trying to find their way forward after having been completely shut down for two months, aside from e-commerce operations. In Texas, J.C. Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue have begun offering curbside pickup for orders, […]

Luxury Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo has unveiled a new online presence that blends storytelling with e-commerce in what it is calling an “innovative and immersive” online experience. The new-look website has been optimised for all devices to allow customers around the world to immerse themselves […]

Valencia - One of the clear lessons that this global pandemic has given to the fashion industry is that the digital world should not be underestimated. When confinement became a reality, fashion firms had to act in the only medium they had at their disposal: online. As trend experts Francesca Tur and […]

The first stores in Vienna and Berlin are open again, after they were forced to close about a month ago due to Covid-19. Now, fashion retailers are mainly concerned with how sales and footfall will develop over the coming weeks and months. Here are the impressions from the first days of the shop reopenings. […]

Farfetch is to begin offsetting the carbon footprint of all its deliveries and returns as part of a new Climate Conscious Delivery programme. The luxury online retail platform has begun investing in projects to offset the carbon impact of each sale and delivery, including projects planting and protecting […]

New data reveals that 77 percent of consumers hold businesses more accountable than ever, as ‘trust’, ‘reputation’ and ‘conversation’ become almost as important as ‘price’ and ‘convenience’. In response to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, shoppers not only want to be reassured about […]

Across the globe, stores are being affected by country-wide lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the situation presenting fashion stores with several challenges, including the dilemma of what to do with unsold stock. While the issue has been particularly significant in the fast-fashion sector, […]




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