European fashion e-tailer Zalando has looked to Alibaba and its New Retail concept for inspiration with its new “Connected Retail” platform. Zalando has set forth a plan to launch 600 physical stores by the end of the year, which will connect in-store inventory to the ecommerce site, allowing shoppers […]

Started as a anti-valentines joke amongst university students, and later on adopted by Alibaba as a sales event to buy themselves a gift to celebrate the beauty of being single, it has since burgeoned into the world’s largest online shopping festival. Rarely do we see financial graphs that points so […]

Amazon has partnered up with cross-border, cross-currency payment company Western Union to make it easier for online shoppers to buy items from abroad. Customers in select countries will be able to shop on Amazon and pay in person, in their local currency, at a Western Union shop. “There are people […]

Freddie Mercury was never one to shy away from making a fashion statement. The Queen lead vocalist’s wardrobe was always an eclectic mix of sartorial brilliance. Today, in homage to the star and alongside the recent release of Queen biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, US jean manufacturer Wrangler […]

Many retailers have turned to technology to be most the appealing and convenient shopping location during this year’s holiday shopping season. Target now offers mobile checkout for a quicker shopping experience, and now to stay on top of holiday shopping competition, Walmart has introduced an augmented […]

Following the introduction of its first “Amazon 4-star” retail location in SoHo, New York, Amazon has now opened two more stores of this kind. The new locations are in Lone Tree, Colorado and Berkeley, California. Amazon 4-star stores are different from the retailers other brick and mortar locations […]

Retailers are getting very competitive as we head into the 2018 holiday season, championing to be the most convenient shopping source for the consumer with countless omnichannel shopping options. Last week, Target introduced its mobile checkout option that allows in-store customers a speedier checkout […]

Alibaba Group announced financial results for the third quarter of 2018. The group delivered robust revenue growth of 54 percent in the quarter, with core marketplace business continuing to show strong profit and cash flow growth. Annual active consumers on the China retail marketplace reached 601 million, […]

Consumer tech retailer Soda Says, a UK-based company specializing in accessories across wellness and lifestyle categories, has just made its was to the U.S. market. Founded by Grace Gould in 2017, Soda Says has an agenda to make tech more accessible, with a mission statement “to curate tech products […]

Abercrombie Kids announces partnership with television personality Giuliana Rancic. The television host will be co-designing exclusive items with her son Duke for the Everybody Collection, a gender-neutral line that first launched in January 2018. The line embraces a single size system for both boys […]




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