Macy's has set out to improve its customer's experience both online and in stores. The retailer announced its upcoming introduction of an augmented reality tool in its beauty department and interactive fragrance displays to help shoppers discover products. Launching in the spring of this year, the AR […]

Indochino has announced a unique partnership. The global custom-apparel brand is teaming with Major League Baseball team the Boston Red Sox to promote the opening of its second Boston location. Indochino will now be recognized as the official made to measure brand of the Boston Red Sox, and the team's […]

Pinterest announced its latest shopping feature for its site this week. The social search engine's Catalogs and Shopping Ads function allows brands to plug their products into a new shopping space to bring items to the attention of millions of consumers searching for products. The new feature brings […]

Qubit, a leader in marketing personalisation technology, has announced a new tiered product portfolio of services at Shoptalk to help take enterprise and high-growth retail brands “on the path towards integrated personalisation”. "Businesses need to modernise, accelerate and transform their personalisation […]

OPINION As 2019 kicked in, so did retail’s new reality on real-estate. Dutch media revealed that in large parts of the country, rental prices of retail units are in a nosedive. Except for the five largest cities. There, rental prices are skyrocketing. To total frustration of the local shopkeepers, since […]

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Yelp to help draw attention to businesses that are owned and run by women. A new page attribute launches on Yelp’s site today, in honor of Women’s History Month, notifies users whether a business is owned by women. In addition to designing for her own eponymous fashion […]

Club Designer is a family owned luxury concept boutique with locations in downtown Taipei that carries numerous brands from designers Alaia to The Row as well as high-end streetwear label Mastermind World Japan. As one of Taiwan’s largest private buyers of international brands, Club Designer started […]

When LVMH acquired the luxury hospitality group Belmont at the end of 2018, it was a sign of things to come. LVMH, which owns luxury fashion Maisons including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine and Fendi, at the time said the company saw future growth in the luxury sector coming not only from goods, but also […]

Brooks Brothers announced plans today for an upcoming brick and mortar store in New York's Hudson Yards shopping district. America's longest-existing ready-to-wear brand, Brooks Brothers plans to debut a new type of global interior design concept into its new store, incorporating both archival architectural […]

Despite all this talk of the decline of brick-and-mortar, the retail apocalypse that everyone thought was coming might not be bringing about the end of days after all. According to the results of a recent LIM College survey, Generation Z, in contrast to their predecessor generational group, Millennials, […]




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