Despite all this talk of the decline of brick-and-mortar, the retail apocalypse that everyone thought was coming might not be bringing about the end of days after all. According to the results of a recent LIM College survey, Generation Z, in contrast to their predecessor generational group, Millennials, […]

Some analysts would argue that there is no real correlation between great retail and being publicly traded. Zara is one of the largest privately owned fashion businesses, proving that a company doesn't require public financing in order to grow. But when a company has momentum, like Farfetch, which last […]

Global beauty retailer Avon is launching a new Content Studio as a means to expand its digital front. The intention of the studio is to distribute high-quality brand and product content at scale, with the intention of inciting further growth of online sales. Avon's Content Studio will develop up to […]

Harrods and Farfetch are working together on a global e-commerce platform for the centenary London department store. Farfetch subsidiary Farfetch Black & White Solutions will provide Harrods with e-commerce management, operations support, international logistics support, and technical support, allowing […]

American retail giant, Target, is inviting third party brands and retailers to sell on its website. The company is opening its e-commerce channel,, for select brands to sell on an invitation-only basis. Selected brands will be chosen on the basis of strong performing categories, such as sportswear […]

H&M has launched a campaign called “H&M Loves NY” to celebrate the opening of four additional stores in the city in 2019, including a 34,000 square feet flagship at Hudson Yards set to open on March 15. H&M first set foot in New York 19 years ago and currently operates 33 retail locations in the city. […]

Ralph Lauren is opening a pop-up café in its Paris flagship store just ahead of the AW18 fashion week. Called Ralph’s Coffee, the spot is located inside the store on 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, and will be open from February 22 to March 5. View this post on Instagram Ralph’s Cafe debuting for Paris […]

American Eagle is testing out a new rental service. Called Style Drop, consumers can pay a monthly subscription fee of 49.95 dollars to borrow up to three items at a time and swap out items during the month. The monthly fee also covers shipping, returns, rental exchanges and laundry. Rental consumers […]




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