Los Angeles - Khloe Kardashian recently made her mark on the apparel industry by launching a denim brand. Pairing with Emma Grede, the two launched Good American, which has now officially gone down in apparel history as the biggest denim launch, reaching one million dollars in sales on its first day. […]

London - A new study by Shoppercentric looks at Generation Z shoppers (aged 15 to 24) and their buying behavior. As the next generation of big spenders, there are some fascinating insights for retailers to consider. “Generation Z are a fascinating section of the shopper population,” said Danielle Pinning, […]

Saint Laurent just graced Miami with a new modern design for its flagship. With a marble and glass aesthetic, the boutique emanates a classy spin on a sophisticated, upscale decor. Hover your mouse over the photos to learn more on the brand’s store with a twist on French Modernist Movement in design. […]

VIDEO REPORT Amsterdam - Crowds gathered eagerly outside as Primark opened the doors of its largest European store to date early Thursday morning (December 1, 2016). Located on the Damrak, in the middle of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the store spans over 8.200 square meters across 7 floors. The new […]

Europe's luxury houses have seen an increase in Russian shoppers with offers of easier tax free spending and favourable exchange rates. This is the first growth in over three years, according to Global Blue's October transactions data, which show on average a +10 percent spend increase across most of […]

Founder and creative director of Studio Hus Tatum Kendrick recently just unveiled a new retail endeavor in Los Angeles. The interior designer has redirected her talents to opening her new boutique You’re So Baby. The 900-square-foot flagship bows nears Silver Lake and will open officially on December […]

After venturing into fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker is officially opening a bricks-and-mortar store. The flagship, opening December 8, is set to launch right outside of Washington, D.C. Today I reveal every detail of our long held secret! After many trips on @amtrak to DC, on-site construction visits, […]

London - Outdoor apparel brand Patagonia could not have foreseen the effect their Black Friday campaign would have had. Known for their anti-Black Friday stance, the company announced last week that they would donate 100 percent of their global retail and online Black Friday sales directly to grassroots […]

With American Apparel's current business state, it seems the Los Angeles-based apparel company’s state of affairs is only getting worse. Recently, workers in the retailer’s European stores have started protests against the company’s management in L.A. A photo posted by LEGALIZE American Apparel (@americanappareleu) […]

American Apparel workers in Europe seem to have had enough with the company's Los Angeles-based headquarters. Retail workers at a Germany location have decided to protest using social media to make a statement to its company. The protest involve multiple workers barely clothed posing in the store windows. […]




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