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Temperley London to boost e-commerce with Global-e

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

May 25, 2021


Image: Temperley London website

Luxury womenswear and lifestyle brand Temperley London has announced a new partnership with Global-e, the leading e-commerce platform, to accelerate its direct to consumer trading model.

Luca Donnini, chief executive of Temperley London, said in a statement: “With the everchanging marketplace we find ourselves in, and given the lack of a clear perspective with traditional offline distribution, we have decided to invest and boost our direct sales through this exciting partnership with Global-e.”

The partnership with Global-e will start on May 25, added the label, and is part of its larger plan to evolve the brand’s direct to consumer trading model and offer a localised shopping experience for clients globally.

By using Global-e, which enables and accelerates global, direct-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce growth for international brands, Temperley London will be able to enter new territories, allowing consumers to shop in their local currency and pay for customs and/or duty tax upfront.

Donnini added: “This venture represents an exciting new chapter for the brand, allowing us to fulfil our activities efficiently and on a global scale, from managing payments and suppliers to handling customs and import taxes in each country.

“Our aim is to double our revenues through this channel and improve the overall customer experience. We’re thrilled to be making this first step in the right direction.”