At the recent new flagship opening in San Francisco, CEO and Founder of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright said to CBS’s KPIX, “We’ve worked with environmental scientists to understand the positive impact of recirculating goods that are made well versus buying new and when I talk to our customers they’ve moved away mostly from fast fashion because it does end up in landfills.”

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed added, “Instead of seeing closed storefronts, we have one that’s opened now and we have one that’s opened basically with clothing that’s recycled. Great designer brands that may not be affordable at their regular retail price that’s more affordable now.”

In an exclusive interview with FashionUnited, Allison Sommer, Director of Strategic Initiatives at TheRealReal stated, "We’ve really only just begun. As more and more consumers continue to recognize resale as a smart, sustainable alternative to shopping fast fashion, it will only continue to grow. I also see resale becoming a built-in part of the luxury fashion ecosystem as brands continue to embrace it. We also see the growth of conscious consumerism benefiting us and helping drive the circular economy.”

Video source: KPIX CBS, via YouTube





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