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Burkely Spring/ Summer 2022

By Press Club

Jul 16, 2021


The collection Spring/Summer 2022

In our most recent times in solitude, we have been urged to slow down and simplify our lives. It allowed us to reflect on what is essential to living a prosperous and fulfilled life. We’ve enriched our lives by prioritizing communal needs above selfish desires. It has brought us a regained gratitude for the peaceful mundane following the pace of nature, favoured above the luring excess of fast thrills and instant gratifications. The absence of matters can clarify the importance of things and demonstrates how little we essentially need. With that, we see a recovered desire for sustainability and durability above hyper-consumerism and a regained love for a lasting product instead of fast fashion—the perfect cue for our new collection.

Our heritage lies within over 75 years of true craftmanship, our success in producing timeless bags for every moment, and our vision in doing the right thing. When designing our latest collection, we embraced essentialism in ‘less but better’ designs with everlasting and minimalistic styling details that are simple yet not simplistic. It is what we do best—well-made pared-down bags with sensible elements that are never too much. The beautiful, gentle colour palette is inspired by the natural hues presented by the returning rhythm of the seasons, ensuring your BURKELY bag will never go out of style. With handpicked heirloom qualities and well-considered designs that withstand the test of time, each BURKELY bag is made to last a lifetime. Produced with great respect for nature and humanity whilst providing plenty of space and pockets to keep all belongings, you can enjoy our bags worry- and hassle-free. At BURKELY, we’ve got your bag!

Icon Ivy

Our well-loved Soft Hunter leather has been our seasonal success story for years. The beauty lies within the natural hues and traits of the hide, which makes every bag unique. The classic handcrafted cut & sew borders, and feminine elongated zipper pullers balance the effortless genuine leather look. The silhouettes are elegantly structured and executed in reinvigorating colours like crispy 'Dew Grey' and soothing 'Aloe Green' colours that take you straight to a refreshingly slow summery morning. Branded brushed nickel trims create an effortless, sophisticated yet nonchalant look. Those taking a second glance will be surprised by our lucky cheetah mascot travelling along on the phone pockets inside the bags. With a perfect blend of casual and chic, these bags will go with any style & look. Rest assured that this range will hold your new everlasting wardrobe essential!

Soft hunter leather

This absolute classic in our collection is a wax base full-grain cow leather with an unfinished open structure. You will find that your bag will age beautifully and only gets prettier the more you use it. The leather will become smoother, softer and store memories of your experiences in the natural 'patina' that will arise over time. We love the marks that come with this natural ageing process and encourage you to allow the bag to get more characteristics over time. However, to ensure you can enjoy this bag to the maximum length of time, we recommend you treat the bag with a carbon wax spray. This spray will protect the leather optimally from moisture and dirt.

Even Ella

With the imposed move to a more rural and slow-living approach, we regain the appreciation of crafts, natural materials and artisanry. We've translated the loosened rhythm of our blurring days in wide woven leather strips, handcrafted to form a balanced silent pattern. The beauty of simplicity is translated into the essential styling based on modern sensibility, free from distractions. The mix of materials is playfully coming together in a palette of sun-faded hues. The warm 'Old Rose' reminds us of all the sweet tenderness that surrounds us. Delicate 'Heather Beige' soothes our mind and refreshing 'Sea Green' to awakens our senses. With a less-but-better design approach, the versatility of our foldable tote ensures you are fitted out for any occasion.

Nubuck milled wash & savage

The beautifully buffed nubuck has a lovely soft look, velvety touch and two-tone sheen. The contrasting savage leather gives a smooth uniform look with a subtle grain effect. Whereas the savage leather is an absolute user friendly, the open structure nubuck leather will need some nurturing to ensure your bag will last a lifetime. This material allows easy absorption of dirt, grease and moisture. To optimize the durability of the bag, we recommend you treat the bag with a non-wax spray. Wax and oil may cause stains. Please use a waterproof or nubuck spray, so it is optimally protected from moisture and dirt.

Just Jolie

The importance of physical contact has never become so evident as in a socially distanced way of life. In a daunting world, we are all longing for a touch to soothe our worried minds. Combining the soothing smoothness of butter- soft leather with voluptuous volume, Just Jolie brings that little comfort through slouchy silhouettes created by pleasing pleats. Gentle aesthetics are complemented by a quiet palette of pastels with comforting 'Buttermilk Beige' and energizing 'Tea Green'. The pared-down styling with silent seams allows subtle satin black trimmings to shine and inside pearlized leather to shimmer. The cherished backpack hobo is multipurpose and great for any occasion. Our designers' favour the versatile dumpling frame bag, which can casually be worn crossbody but looks and feels even more gorgeous when worn as a clutch. Which one is your favourite?

Stain washed leather

This drum dyed full-grain cow leather is washed, causing a unique colour shading that may vary per bag. The finished surface gives it a smooth and soft feel, with a slightly glossy effect. Due to its finishing process, the leather is well protected and user-friendly. We understand that you want to take extra care of these beauties, so we recommend you treat them with a carbon wax spray to protect the leather optimally in various (weather) conditions.

Parisian Paige

Initiated as a heritage collection to celebrate our 75 years of craftsmanship, our Parisian Paige range has been loved by the city chic. The love for classic silhouettes and enduring sophisticated details continue to rise above fleeting trends. The nostalgic charm of this collection is amplified by a palette of retro-like neutrals such as 'Cashew Cognac' and 'Pistachio Green' that feel both familiar and youthful. The classic yet contemporary structured silhouettes are executed in an heirloom leather quality that will stand the test of time. This way, you can durably enjoy your bag for years. With exceptional ingredients as a base, there is no need to overcomplicate with unnecessary details. However, we did add our lucky cheetah mascot on the inside of our bags for some extra enjoyment. Self-indulgence becomes easy when it is guilt-free. Life is too short, so buy the bag!

Tasco VT leather

When we work on your precious bags, we want to make sure that you will enjoy them for the ultimate length of days. That is why we handpicked this beautiful Vegetable Tanned leather which is manually dyed for you with the sole use of natural tannins derived from plant- or tree species. No harmful chemicals are added, so you can enjoy your bag worry-free as we work on reducing our eco-footprint. This ancient dyeing technique lengthens the durability of your bag, as your leather will develop a beautiful sheen over time. We love the way this allows your bag to tell stories of your shared journeys. It is like a memorable mark of ownership, unique for every user. We understand that you feel the need to nurture your bag to ensure it will last a lifetime. To optimize the bag's durability, we recommend you treat the bag with a carbon pro spray so it is optimally protected from moisture and dirt.

Read more about Burkely on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/burkely