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CALIDA: Womenswear Collection SS22

By Press Club

Jul 16, 2021


The CALIDA Spring/Summer 2022 collection is wholly inspired by delicate pastel shades of spring. Styles that highlight CALIDA’s love of nature and all kinds of innovations, such as the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM biodegradable sweat styles from 100% NATURE RELAX. Whether playful, colourful, subtle or timeless – the Spring/Summer 2022 collection has something for everyone. The daywear, sleepwear and loungewear styles stand out with minimalist prints and bright, fresh colours that convey the light and bright feeling of the first half of the year. With the expansion of the 100% NATURE collection to include 100% NATURE RELAX sweat products and the maternity line 100% NATURE MUM, CALIDA isn’t just protecting the environment – it’s protecting sensitive skin with natural fabrics and once again leading the charge when it comes to sustainability.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection from CALIDA inspires strong spring feelings and takes the core values of sustainability, quality and comfort to the next level. The new collection combines unique trends with sustainability, featuring positive colours, feminine designs and elegant biodegradable lace in the daywear, summery minimalist prints in the sleepwear and stylish colours and designs in the loungewear. An increasing number of styles have been awarded the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certificate and the 100% NATURE collection is also playing a more important role this upcoming season and is being expanded. The men’s collection also features new loungewear styles made with sweat fabric in summery colour combinations (see separate press release).

The boundaries between sleepwear, loungewear and daywear are becoming increasingly blurred. CALIDA has created a wide range of styles that are ideal as underwear or as outerwear for day-to-day life or relaxing at home. This season is all about mix and match! As a result, CALIDA offers retailers plenty of appealing options for cross-selling and presentation.

Delivery dates and colour themes

The SS22 women’s collection is split into six delivery dates. The major innovation in the Basic collection is the launch of the 100% NATURE MUM line. The line is all about high-quality underwear and soft, natural materials for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums. The first delivery date kicks off the new Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM sweat set. The second delivery date is all about pastel colours and puts the spotlight on a feminine ajour line made from cotton/MicroModal®. The third delivery date is inspired by daisies and creates a summery and light feel with a range of blue shades, a delicate buttercream yellow and playful minimalist prints. The third delivery date also brings the Home Hub range on board for the summer, featuring clean, straight-cut styles in a soft cotton rib knit in stunning milky blue. The ‘Summer Blues’ create a feeling of optimism and peace. The fourth delivery date focuses on feminine lace in the daywear. The seasonal 100% NATURE collection is also part of this delivery date. The colour deep dive petrol gives the fifth delivery date an incredibly sensual feel, and ECO SENSE LACE, with its recycled polyamide lace, takes sustainability to a new level. The Spring/Summer collection is rounded out by delivery date number six with the theme ‘The power of colour’. Tropical floral prints, pastel-coloured bleach apricot and floral knits highlight the stunning feminine side of these pieces and get you in the mood for summer.

100% NATURE – Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM

A wide range of new styles are being added to the 100% NATURE line for the FS22 collection. With the new Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM sweat set, which appears throughout the various SS22 collection delivery dates with new highlight colours and comfortable fits, the loungewear and homewear segment once again takes centre stage. The collection has multiple parts: with a classic sweat pullover, a hoodie jacket, a hoodie pullover, casual shorts, 7/8 culotte pants and classic sweat pants with cuffs, the range has the right loungewear look for everyone. Other highlights in the women’s 100% NATURE line include 100% NATURE MUM in the Basic category and the 100% NATURE RELAX range, featuring sporty yoga and sweatwear in athleisure style. The men’s 100% NATURE collection is all about comfy and versatile loungewear styles, too. There are also fresh updates in the form of new prints, colour combinations and designs for the daywear and sleepwear styles. All 100% biodegradable. Every fibre. Every colour. Every cuff. Every button. The 100% NATURE collection consists of daywear, sleepwear and loungewear that’s 100% natural – and 100% of it will return to nature. For 100% quality that lasts for many years – and lives on afterwards as a nutrient for raw materials that will grow as a result and be used as the basis for new clothing. The ideal cycle. Born in Switzerland.

Woman Basics

The Basic lines have received colour and design updates that are fresh, elegant and flattering, and are made using top-quality materials. The major highlight of the Basics line is the introduction of 100% NATURE MUM. With low-cut panties made from TENCELTM, Lyocell/ROICATM elastane, lace bustiers and breastfeeding bras, the collection combines function with elegance. Bringing mums to the front: the pieces are comfortable and gentle on sensitive skin, easy to wear and 100% sustainable.

The Basics range also includes an expansion of the ECO SENSE line introduced in AW21 made from the recycled polyamide ECONYL®. This fibre is made from 100% nylon waste sourced from all over the world such as fabric remnants and discarded fishing nets, which is transformed into regenerated nylon ECONYL®. The Basic line features a subtle rose tone.

The FAVOURITES DREAMS loungewear line is launching tops in new shapes with a smoother feminine silhouette and comfortable rib-knit material made from TENCELTM, Modal Micro and elastane. The biodegradable 100% NATURE line features pants in dark lapis blue with a playful smocked waist and a shirt with a striking striped print.

Woman Daywear

The daywear is playful and sensual with intricate details. The NATURAL COMFORT LACE, MODAL SENSE, SENSUAL SECRETS, Modal Deluxe and 100% NATURE DAISY lines feature magnificent lace decorations. The TOUJOURS PRINT line celebrates a love of nature. Fine minimalist floral prints in a pale pastel yellow and matching light blue recall past holidays in the countryside.

Woman Sleepwear

BAMBOO NIGHTS is a sleepwear highlight. The collection leaves the skin looking elegant with a slight shimmer and delicate apricot tone. Materials made from TENCELTM, Lyocell and viscose/bamboo and knits refine the look and add a touch of youthfulness with the spaghetti short pyjamas and spaghetti dress. The GLAMOROUS NIGHTS line also offers outstanding elegance in a bold petrol shade. With its wonderful feminine broderie anglaise, the sleepdress in TENCELTM, MicroModal® interlock fabric falls to 120 cm in length.

Woman Loungewear

Loungewear is catching the eye with a new innovation never before seen in this form at CALIDA: 100% NATURE RELAX Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM sweat styles. The multi-part collection consists of individual modules: with a classic sweat pullover, a hoodie jacket, a hoodie pullover, casual shorts, 7/8 culotte pants and classic sweat pants with cuffs, the range has the right loungewear look for everyone.

Matching colour updates create an incomparable sense of joie de vivre and unbridled optimism. In the women’s collection, the creations range from decorative, minimalist, floral and nature-inspired prints, shades such as apricot, petrol, a range of blues and light and bright coffee colours such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. They can also be used to create a matching three-piece look with the same print. For instance, using 100% NATURE loungewear pieces that can be combined with daywear. The sweatshirts in the biodegradable 100% NATURE RELAX collection are plain-coloured and timeless. With colours such as delicate apricot, pale pastel, ultra-light cream and harmonious light blue, the ultra-modern collection stands out.

Delivery of the CALIDA Spring/Summer 2022 collection starts on 3 January 2022.

Read more about CALIDA on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/calida