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LOWA Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

By Press Club

Feb 23, 2021

BARINA III GTX Ws – The most charming answer to bitter cold
A popular winter shoe model does not have to go out of fashion simply because it has been redesigned. No, not at all: The colour concept of the new BARINA III GTX Ws may have indeed undergone a makeover, but the goal was certainly not to chase trends. Rather, the next generation of these snug winter shoes impresses customers with its range of optical highlights and functional details. In addition to the shoes’ grippy outsoles, these features include, in particular, a durable mix of materials and their cosily warm wool-blend GORE-TEX Partelana lining.

CALCETA III GTX Ws – Natural colours and naturally warm feet
The new CALCETA III GTX Ws naturally adds a splash of colour to grey everyday life with every step you take. This burst of vibrancy is produced solely by the completely redone colour concept that has been added to the trendy winter shoe. It is a concept that is more discreet than before and that goes its own way thanks to the natural hues it uses. But the strong weather protection offered by the footwear has not changed one iota. The footwear will always keep your feet warm and dry, the result of the interplay of such functional details as the shoe’s robust full grain leather, its cosy wool-blend GORE-TEX Partelana lining and its outsole.

MALTA GTX MID | MALTA GTX MID Ws – Packed with the DNA of an outdoor shoe
When the weather turns fickle once again, you cannot go wrong with the MALTA GTX MID and MALTA GTX MID Ws. The high-cut leisure-time shoes are made of robust full grain leather that teams up with the waterproof GORE-TEX lining to keep the wearer’s feet reliably dry. The casual jack-of-all trades is also a feast for the eyes. Its discreet, sporty look fits right in at work or play.

LINUS GTX – For the perfect start to winter fun
What looks like a multifunctional leisure time shoe for kids at first glance turns out to really be a waterproof winter model for small snowmen and ice princesses upon closer inspection. The LINUS GTX is a children’s favourite not just because of its sporty look and its cosily warm wool-blend GORE-TEX Partelana lining. Children’s eyes light up in particular when they see just how quickly they can put on and take off the shoes. No wonder. Thanks to the practical zipper on the inner side of the shoes, children can slip the shoes on in a snap – and take off without losing a split-second of time or making one single compromise.

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