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Luxury and comfort in the Elements of Freedom FW21/22 Collection

By Press Club

Feb 22, 2021

Luxury and comfort in the Elements of Freedom FW21/22 Collection

The new Elements of Freedom Womenswear FW21/22 collection has been released. The theme of this collection is freedom, and the cannot wait until we can move freely again. This  collection is a response to the strange period we find ourselves living in. This collection reflects the convenience of comfortable clothing, the renewed appreciation for nature and the anticipation of being able to live freely and fully in the future.

Comfort and luxury
If we can move freely again, we will surely enjoy it to the fullest. We will go out again, eat out, dance, and celebrate. At the same time, we don’t want to give up spending the day wearing comfortable clothes. Hence the FW21 collection is an effortless combination of luxury and convenience. Think of ruffled blouses and dresses with festive prints, as well as cozy cardigans and warm jackets. As we can expect from Elements of Freedom, the festive garments are comfortable at the same time, due to the good fit and soft fabrics.

Checks in every color
The checked print, which was already popular in the FW20/21 collection, will remain in this collection but with new and more daring color combinations. After the popular blouses and dresses, for which the brand has become known, the fans of Elements of Freedom have now also discovered the trousers. Because of this, more trousers have been added to this collection, from smart trousers to festive ones, in beautiful colors and flared legs.

Brown is the new black, and light blue is the new white
Brown can have a natural as well as a luxurious look, and Elements of Freedom uses both. Brown is one of the main colours of this collection. It includes items that are fully brown, but also where brown is just part of the print. An example of this is the beautiful brown and white striped suit, which is also made from recycled material. The suit first appeared in the FW20/21 collection, and was received by the customers in open arms.

The other main color of this collection is light blue. Elements of Freedom predicts that we will be able to move freely again in the fall, that we will get plenty of fresh air again and that we will get to enjoy the outdoors. What color is better to celebrate with than light blue?

Big leaps towards circular fashion
The share of recycled materials of this collection has increased, to 25%. The jackets were already made from recycled fabrics in the 20/21 season, now knitwear made from recycled yarn has been added. The other items are, as usual, made from sustainable and natural materials, such as Tencel and Ecovero. The sustainable yarns, buttons and labels show that Elements of Freedom also has an eye for detail when it comes to sustainability.

Read more about Elements of Freedom on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/elements-of-freedom