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Mara May FW21 Collection

By Press Club

Feb 26, 2021

The new Mara May FW21 Womenswear collection has been released. Mara May operates in the middle to high price segment and focuses on women of 30+ with a middle to high income that are willing to pay for quality and sustainability. The inspiration and goal of this collection is to create mainly knitted styles based on sustainable BCI cotton instead of wool. Thanks to new technologies, these yarns have a similar look and feel to wool but are cooler, easier to clean, more breathable, hypoallergenic and do not itch.

The main colors for this are sand, cognac, pink, cobalt and blue. The Mara May FW21 collection will be delivered in July/August and will have a total of one delivery, since Mara May works short on the market, their selling period being from March to June.

Read more about Mara May on the brand page: fashionunited.com/companies/mara-may