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Miomojo: the Italian brand who is reshaping the world of fashion, one plant-based bag at a time

By Press Club

Jul 22, 2021


Italian pioneer, Miomojo, the designed kind fashion brand, really embodies the meaning of sustainability. From tradition to innovation, the vegan brand is bringing Italian design on a fresh wind.

Have you ever heard about Cactus Leather, AppleSkin or Corn Leather? From cacti, apples and corn, these organic materials waste’ take new life instead of being destroyed, and become the most performing alternative to leather. No more animal suffering and natural resources exploitation, only beautifully crafted accessories, designed with high care for details and respect for all the living beings.

Their Made in Italy “Prima Linea” Collection is a reflection of classic Italian style, its bags are chic and minimal: gently rounded curves on the corners and monochrome palettes. Ethics and aesthetics perfectly go hand in hand at Miomojo.

Alongside their premium line, Miomojo offers also a wide range of accessories made from recycled materials, such as plastic, glass and coffee, and natural fabrics, such as bamboo, mint, linen and hemp. Their last launch is the Kind Yoga Series: the garments are Made in Italy with recycled fabrics, soft and breathable.

The brand is not only about offering vegan fashion accessories, it goes further: on every purchase it donates 10% directly to deserving animal welfare causes, is part of 1% for the Planet (Patagonia’s founder global movement), uses sustainable transports for its delivery and recycled packaging. Furthermore, Miomojo is a Benefit Company and has started the process to become a B Corporation: it officially combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact on both society and environment.

Miomojo was founded in 2012 in Bergamo, northern Italy, and since then has promoted a kinder fashion world, without fashion victims and with the finest design.

Read more about Miomojo on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/miomojo