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Off The Pitch FW21 Collection

By Press Club

Feb 24, 2021

The new Off The Pitch FW21 collection is out. The collection is unisex, but the measuring arc based on a male consumer. Off The Pitch is always inspired by street lifestyle-driven friends who go for a luxurious look. They look at where the market is moving and then put their own spin on it, their sports-loving friends in mind. The theme of the collection is to be totally awesome!

The main colors for this delivery are white, black, grey with accent colors of green, burgundy and reflective elements for the dark days. The Off The Pitch FW21 collection will be delivered during August and September in total with 2 deliveries.

"We have created a beautiful intersection of sports luxury and street lifestyle. Rich details include pony hair and a beautiful outsole created by Mr. Bailey of Concept Kicks. Many of our shoes are made in the shoe country par excellence, Italy, which of course stands for quality and style." says Off The Pitch.

Read more about Off The Pitch on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/off-the-pitch