Bloomingdale's to launch Bodymetrics for denim shoppers

Bloomingdale's is to launch Bodymetrics, the body-mapping technology,  in its California Palo Alto location to help consumers find their  perfect jeans.Bodymetrics' Sizing Pod utilizes 3D body scanning technology to  calculate a shopper's size and shape.

Shoppers step into a private  'Bodymetrics Pod' at Bloomingdale's where their body is carefully  mapped with hundreds of measurements and contours to determine the  best jean from all leading brands in stock at Bloomingdale's. The  mapping process is designed to find styles of jeans that will fit,  flatter and accentuate shoppers' unique shape.

 "By Bloomingdale's to launch Bodymetrics for denim shoppersmerging fashion with technology, we allow our shoppers to get  unparalleled style and fit and leave with that elusive pair of
 perfectly fitting jeans," says Frank Doroff, vice chairman and GMM for  ready-to-wear at Bloomingdale's.

 Body-Sizing Pods increase foot-traffic at retail stores, and can help  shoppers find better fitting clothes online. Bodymetrics has a  three-year track record at Selfridges, the luxury department store in  London, where its pod delivers one of the highest retail yields in the  world. In the denim department at Selfridges on Oxford Street, the  Bodymetrics Pod now accounts for 20 percent of all premium denim  sales, said Suran Goonatilake, CEO of Bodymetrics.

 "Bodymetrics takes the guesswork out of clothes shopping," said  Goonatilake. "It's much easier and far more likely that shoppers will  quickly find the perfect fit with our service."




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