Fashion Top100 index up 27% in six months

Amid market storms and slower than expected economic recovery fears, apparel and fashion industry is standing out on one's own. FashionUnited Top 100 Index, which gathers the 100 international largest quoted apparel companies has risen

up by 27% in its six first months of trading. Since last July, the hundred largest fashion companies trading in international stock markets have pulled out an outstanding value for their investors, showing that fashion industry little has to covet from other trading sectors such as industrial, motor or pharmacy.

Fashion Top100 index up 27% in six months For the past six months, FashionUnited Top 100 Companies have seen their market value going up by over 27%. The international fashion industry benchmark has been led by LVMH and H&M, which own the first places in terms of market capitalization. Closely following them is to be found Inditex, boosted by its flagship Zara, which recently opened its 5,000th store. Also the French luxury group has seen quite a moving semester, with their take over part of its long-time foe, Hermés. In the meanwhile, the Swedish casual brand is gaining soil within the international fashion world thanks to its acclaimed collaboration with first line designers such as Lanvin.

In this period, both H&M and LVMH managed to increase their value in more than 5 billion US$, coming out with a final value of over 80 Billion US$.for the French luxury emporium. Other companies listed in the FU Top 100 as ASOS or Burberry Group have shown that apparel companies are also riding the high tech wave, achieving record-breaking profit revenues thanks to the use of the state-or.the-art new media campaigns.

Under an strictly trading perspective, compared to the average shares quoting of the Dow Jones, the fashion industry did quite a lot better: it rockets its trading value gaining 27% while the New York based index achieved a total win of 18%. In the meanwhile, the Nikkei225 Index in Japan 'only' increased by 12% over the last 6 months, despite the strengh of some of the Japanese fashion firms quoted within the FU Top 100, including Fast Retailing (the owner of Uniqlo among other brands).

The FashionUnited Top 100 Index is a capitalization-weighted index gathering some of the world largest stock listed apparel companies. All listed companies specialize in the sale of clothing, whether in physical retail stores, wholesale or by e-commerce. They do not necessarily have to be the world largest ones, but the main stock listed firms located in those countries represented in the index with their own weighting based on market capitalization, which is calculated June 30th of each year.

The Top 10 today is as follows:

LVMH $79,521,042,256 France
HENNES & MAURITZ $58,229,653,394 Sweden
Inditex $49,373,938,651 Spain
Nike $43,383,888,343 United States
Richemont $30,271,380,300 Switzerland
CHRISTIAN DIOR $26,789,411,451 France
PPR $21,326,938,326 France
Hermès International $20,954,628,303 France
Coach $18,324,690,309 United States
TJX Companies $18,201,307,162 United States





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