Hermès teams up with Comme des Garcons

Hermès is to collaborate with Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo on a capsule scarf collection. The limited-edition partnership features two ranges, the first is a black and white edition of 5 styles, called Noir et Blanc, that will

be available at Comme des Garcons flagship stores in Tokyo, Japan and London. The second, titled Coleur, will feature more colour graphic, and will be exclusively available at Dover Street Market stores in London and Tokyo.

“IHermès teams up with Comme des Garcons have always had an immense respect for Hermès’ tradition and artisanal know-how,” Kawakubo said. “During this joint project, rather than being guided by the idea of the scarf as it is worn, I became interested instead in the beautiful ‘artworks’ that the designs on Hermès carrés represent, and I sought to change them by adding elements. By combining them with abstract images, we have transformed the carré and created a unique object,” she added.

The collection will be “hybrid,” Hermès stated, “rewriting the traditional narratives of the carré” and including geometric elements like giant patchwork, Vichy checks and shirt stripes.

Both collections will hit stores in early February, Hermès said. The scarves in the Noir et Blanc collection will be priced at around 380 euros while those in the Couleur line will be positioned between 380 euros and 1,600 euros.

Image: Rei Kawakubo





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