Pre-fall collections causing confusion

With fashion in a never ending wheel, where designers are endlessly turning out clothes for different seasons and collections, its now time for buyers to already be looking at pre- fall collections in showrooms. So fast the seasons go, designers are

now showing June type clothes in mid winter, which now actually mean early winter style pieces. Indeed the industry is finding the concept of pre-fall to confuse buyers and consumers all round – as collections aren’t yet winter but then include summer elements like tank tops and double layered dresses.

IndeedPre-fall collections causing confusion the concept is receiving such bad reviews with fashion insiders, designers such as Michael Kors are now preferring to just refer to these pieces as ‘new drops.’

Some argue that pre-fall is a way for designers and stores to offer new full price products whilst most pieces are on sale – however the drops of pre-fall pieces are randomly strung out over about nine weeks with Christmas holidays and sales between – which only further confuses the consumer.

And beyond this buyers are often left with plenty over as the main consumers interested in pre fall are either those so fashion obsessed and organized they are prepared to buy winter clothes in June or famous faces looking for fresh award outfits.

Image: 2012 Pre-fall Thakoon, Ports 1961, Zac Posen




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