Crocs to relocate global headquarters in 2020

Crocs, Inc. will relocate its corporate headquarters in 2020, from Niwot, Colorado to Broomfield, Colorado. The company said that this move is part of the company’s strategy for long-term, sustainable growth, including employee retention and recruitment.

“This is an exciting time to be at Crocs, and just like our iconic product, this best-in-class new headquarters will help our employees be comfortable in their own shoes,” said Andrew Rees, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer in a statement.

The company added that new headquarters, located at 13699 Via Varra Road in Broomfield is spread over 88,000 sq. ft. of office space that meets the demands of the company’s growing and evolving workforce. A lease for the space has been negotiated with Ektin Johnson Real Estate Partners, with an initial term of 10 years and two five-year renewal options.

“We are grateful that Niwot has been our home for more than a decade, and are thrilled to keep and grow our global headquarters in the thriving state of Colorado,” Rees added.






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