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Douglas aims to achieve 5 billion euros in sales by 2026

By Prachi Singh


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Image: Douglas press room

As a part of its new strategy ‘Let it Bloom – Douglas 2026’, European beauty platform Douglas, has chalked out a four-year growth plan for all of its business activities. By 2026, the company plans to increase the group’s net sales to 5 billion euros and its EBITDA accordingly.

To enhance its customer journey, Douglas plans to further develop its European footprint, ecommerce offering, brand positioning as well as its range of brands on offer. Moreover, the company will further develop its retail media activities. In its day-to-day operations, the company said, it will improve efficiency with greater focus on costs, standardisation and the supply chain and will develop its technological backbone.

Commenting on the company’s plan, Douglas CEO Sander van der Laan said: “We have seen a tremendous comeback of our stores after the pandemic and the era of lockdowns, while ecommerce remains strong. Our leading omni-channel business model has proven very resilient and this is exactly what we will focus on.”

As part of the strategy, the company aims to invest into its store network including modernization, expansion within existing markets and into new markets such as Belgium and Slovenia, as well as into further growth of the ecommerce business, the online partner program and omni-channel integration. At the same time, the company envisages to increase profits and cash-flow generation with stricter cost management and efficiency improvements in all of its processes.

The company added that the new strategy program focuses on four strategic pillars: be the #1 beauty destination in all markets, offer the most relevant and distinctive range of brands elevating its assortment further and strengthening other product categories such as skincare, make-up and hair, deliver the most customer friendly omni-channel experience and build a focused and efficient operating model.