Marks & Spencer sustainability director Mike Barry has announced he is stepping down on 30 June after over 14 years at the British retailer.

Barry joined Marks & Spencer in 2005, and was responsible for delivering ‘Plan A 2025’, a customer focused sustainability plan that aims to convert the company into a zero-waste business by 2025. Barry will be replaced by the company's current head of sustainable business, Carmel McQuaid.

Commenting on the news in a statement, the company said: “As we transform Marks & Spencer, our commitment to doing business in the right way for our planet and communities remains at the heart of what we stand for. We’d like to thank Mike for his drive and leadership of our sustainability journey over the last decade and for the significant contribution he’s made to the wider industry.”

The statement continued: “We’re delighted that Carmel McQuaid will now continue this work with a focus on how we integrate sustainability into each area of Marks & Spencer as we build a family of accountable businesses.”





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