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58 countries


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Company Snapshot

beeline offers the setting of an internationally successful company in which employees can still feel at home. If you have a passion for your work and a sense of responsibility, you’ve come to the right place!

Since it was created in 1990, our company has grown impressively. Today, with a total of 20,500 sales areas - 264 of them in our own stores - in 58 countries, 4,600 employees and continually climbing growth, we are one of Europe's leading suppliers for fashion jewelry and accessories. And we've got big plans for the future.

Work and interaction at beeline are characterized by passion, a sense of responsibility and success. We have our own way of doing things. Here, you can find out what makes working at beeline so special.

Beeline's corporate values don't just exist on paper. They define our daily interactions with each other, our suppliers, partners and customers. Meaning, for instance, that we negotiate fairly and explain our decisions. This is the only way to guarantee long-term success for everyone involved.

To ensure that everyone helps bring our values to life, management is a role model for respectful and trusting cooperation. Responsible decisions show all employees that it's not just reaching your goals that's important, but how you reach them.


It is important to us that our employees take pleasure in their work. This has been one of our principles since the company was founded. beeliners remain true to themselves and show mutual respect. To us, professional behavior means keeping promises.

This is what builds the trust that's so important for our daily interaction.

beeline is currently active in 58 countries. Even though we all pull together and implement decisions as a team, each country has its special characteristics. We regard cultural differences not just as a challenge but also as an opportunity to learn a lot from each other. This, of course, requires a great deal of curiosity and continuous communication. Thinking outside the box is therefore expressly permitted and encouraged!

Our employees have the opportunity for further development within beeline - nationally and internationally. Anyone who meets the requirements, e.g. good knowledge of languages, always has the opportunity to apply for new tasks abroad.

At beeline, we're always looking for new paths to travel. We enter new markets or offer our partners new sales solutions adapted to their requirements. This is how beeline continues to develop not only itself but our employees, too. We're looking for new ideas and encourage further training - so we can continue meeting the demands of the fast-paced fashion industry. So if you have the right combination of talent and pleasure in your work, all doors are open to you. If you also regard every change as an opportunity, nothing can stop you!

There's one thing you'll need to keep in mind, though: at beeline, we do not support success at the expense of others. beeline does not reward lone wolves.

The SIX brand was developed in 1998. Scarcely 11 years later, there were already 166 stores and 1,700 concession areas throughout Europe. We devote lots of expertise and passion to making collections succeed.

The SIX brand identifies current trends and meets the taste of fashion-conscious, urban customers. And we're not just for women - since 2007, we've had an attractive product line for men, too.

Month after month, with hundreds of new articles, we continue to create new incentives for sales areas. And of course our customers appreciate the excellent value for the money.

The creative store concept also contributes to our success: set against a shimmering gray background, the merchandise is presented on bright white displays for a distinctive jewelry-box look. A regularly changing product appearence and the latest music provide a refreshing, exciting shopping experience.

We want to make every woman happy. And we want to be sure that every woman is proud of how she looks. That's why I AM offers a great assortment of jewelry and accessories for a reasonable price.

After all, whatever the occasion, everyone needs just the right accessory. For our customers, perfect styling and a good appearance are as important as their studies, their jobs or their families.

Our product line is constantly changing. What you see today may not be there tomorrow. But what remains the same is the fact that I AM jewelry and accessories reflect current trends and are very good value for money. The entire assortment is structured into comprehensive themes. To keep the collection in line with current trends at all times, new highlights are added every 2 weeks. The ideal I AM outfit is born out of a perfect match between jewelry and fabrics.


Our mission:

With our brands, we develop and sell fashionable collections. We deliver the latest international trends with specific target groups in mind. Our product presentation sets new standards and is highly attractive for our customers. Our corporate culture is the basis for our success.