Camper is a casual footwear brand from the island of Mallorca in Spain. Founded in 1975, the family business has been making shoes for nearly 140 years bringing a history of craftsmanship and a passion for creativity to establish a contemporary and unique brand.

From the very beginning Camper walked a different path. Becoming well-known for its casual unisex approach to footwear designs and for its diverse store concepts, the company now sells over 4 million pairs of shoes annually, has over 400 stores and is available across 40 countries.

Faithful to heritage and roots, Camper headquarters are based in Majorca.

Camper Team is nowadays composed by more than 1,000 people committed to the company values that made the dream come true.

Camper was set up by a group of young entrepreneurs as a people-focused family business with a flexible production framework. Camper was People. Camper is People.

To help us keeping the original dream alive, we search for Camper People: creative, dynamic, passionate, and willing to contribute in an always challenging and inspiring Camper environment.

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