The PANDORA story is about a company with a distinctive brand and distinctive products that in just a few years has made the exceptional journey from a local Danish jeweler to a world-leading international jewelry company, with sales in more than 70 countries.

1982-1999: The early years

It all started nearly 30 years ago. Back in 1982 a jeweller’s shop that would one day become PANDORA was established in modest surroundings in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie.

From the beginning, they often travelled to Thailand in search of jewelry for importing. As the demand for their products increased, their focus gradually shifted towards wholesale to clients in Denmark.

In 1987, after several successful years as wholesalers, the retail activities were discontinued and the company moved to larger premises. Meanwhile, the first in-house designer joined the company and PANDORA began to focus on creating its own unique jewelry. In 1989, the company decided to start manufacturing its jewelry in Thailand.

2000-2009: Building an international presence

In 2000, PANDORA’s charm bracelet concept was first launched in the Danish market. Consumers embraced the concept, and in the following years, driven by a growing and encouraging demand, the company began to expand internationally, entering new markets such as the United States in 2003 and Germany and Australia in 2004.

Over the following years, PANDORA rapidly expanded its market presence from a Scandinavian platform to an international marketing and sales platform driven mainly by third party distributors and strong production capabilities in Thailand.

In order to increase its production capacity, PANDORA opened a large scale, six-story fully-owned manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2005, which still forms a central part of the current production and infrastructure. In August 2008 a second manufacturing facility was opened in the same area, which in 2010 was followed by the opening of PANDORA’s third and fourth facilities in the same area, further strengthening our unique production setup.


PANDORA operates and manages a vertically integrated business model from in-house design and manufacturing to global marketing and direct distribution in most markets. The products are sold in more than 70 countries on six continents through over 10,300 points of sale, including around 900 concept stores.

PANDORA’s mission – then and today – is to offer women across the world a universe of high quality, hand-finished, modern and genuine jewelry products at affordable prices, thereby inspiring women to express their individuality. All women have their individual stories to tell – a personal collection of special moments that makes them who they are. That is why we celebrate these moments. That is why we say these moments are unforgettable.

Like the story of PANDORA.


At PANDORA, we come from many different worlds, backgrounds and vantage points. What binds us together is our culture. The unique PANDORA spirit and way of working together have crystallised into a set of company values known as PANDORA Life, which combine our three core values: pride, passion and performance.


The PANDORA pride is a group of strong individuals, each skilful and unique - and most succesful when working as a team. The lion is our symbol of pride.



PANDORA people are wholehearted. Passion shapes the way we work, and we put our hearts into every new adventure. The giraffe is our symbol of passion.



PANDORA performance comes from our can-do attitude. Who says we can’t fly? When there’s a job to be done, we deliver. The bumblebee is our symbol of perfomance.



PANDORA is a company with a big heart that takes great pride in treating our people well.

We go to great lengths to make sure that no effort or contribution goes unnoticed, and we offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits to ensure that our employees feel valued, supported and cared for. How your individual plan is put together depends on where in the PANDORA world you work.


Day-to-day, on-the-job development is essential for any brand – and particularly a fast-growing, global one, because our ability to reach our goals rests entirely in the hands of our talented workforce. We pay attention to effort and outside-the-box thinking. We reward initiative with development. Results with responsibility. And drive with freedom.


PANDORA offers competitive compensation packages and, depending on where in the organisation you work, performance-based bonuses. PANDORA has dedicated resources working full time to ensure highly competitive compensation and benefit offerings to our employees.


Our employees’ health and well-being is really important to us. PANDORA offices around the globe have policies in place to ensure that our employees’ have access to the healthcare and benefits they need.

Scandinavian by origin, PANDORA works hard to maintain a fulfilling, sustainable work-life balance throughout our organisation. We work hard, but we know that to stay truly innovative and pioneering, we need to take breaks from work and invest in our lives beyond the office, store or production space. From paid time off to paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave – each region offers attractive benefits to help our people shine.


When you join PANDORA, rather than telling you what you can or should do, we like to say that there is nothing you can’t do. After all, pioneering and innovation are what we’re all about.

We set out thirty years ago to become the world’s most loved jewellery brand. Today, nothing has changed – and everything has. Challenging tradition and being rather unconventional in a conventional world has shaped PANDORA into what we are today. But we know we can always do better, reach further, offer more. And we are always on the lookout for passionate pioneers to join us on our journey. And to help us not only follow standards, but set them.

Scandinavian by origin and global in spirit, we have an open, dynamic culture where growth is based on merit and performance. With us, you are never limited by the title on your business card. Instead, your career is shaped by the interests, skills and achievements you bring to the table.

We like to grow people to the next level and help them shine. So in addition to joining an established, global jewellery brand, you will work with beautiful products and amazing people in a job that will challenge, inspire, develop and reward you.

If you are a passionate team player with a can-do attitude, you will thrive in our fast-paced, colourful world. Our diverse, global team includes professionals from all walks of life. Designers and business developers. People who work in production, and people who work in retail. Online experts, supply chain specialists and merchandising professionals. And as we grow, the functions evolve to encompass more exciting opportunities for new talent.

We have built a solid foundation. Now it’s up to you to pioneer your career with us.