About TOUS

We are a hardworking, entrepreneurial family and we had a dream. We have worked with passion and rigor to make TOUS what it is today, an affordable luxury lifestyle brand. Along with a committed, dedicated team, we are faithful to our original values as jewelers dating back to 1920.

We have managed to listen to our consumers; we have earned their trust and have adapted to their needs in each country where the brand is sold. We have evolved in order to continue delighting our customers with innovation and design, but without ever losing sight of our essence.

We combine stateof-the art technology with traditional craftsmanship, which is part of our vocation and our tradition. We have a mission to turn TOUS into the most successful and desired jewelry and accessory brand in the world.

We have a long road ahead of us, but we are ready and thrilled to lead this challenge with the new generations we have in TOUS.

Salvador Tous Co-founder and Honorary Chairman



Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa Mas open a small watch repair shop in Manresa (Barcelona).


Salvador Tous and Rosa Oriol get married and take over the family business.


Rosa opens a small jewelry atelier behind the family business and begins to personalize special jewelry pieces.


The TOUS bear is born. Start of international expansion..

1985 1992

The couple’s four daughters, Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta, gradually join the family business.


The first store in Barcelona opens and becomes an immediate hit.


Internationalization with the opening of the first store in Japan.


TOUS focuses on diversification and extends its business to fashion accessories and fragrances.


TOUS reaches 200 points of sale and opens up its first stores in New York and Paris.


New headquarters measuring more than 10,000 m² to accommodate the company’s growth.


Generational succession: Alba Tous takes on the presidency of the company with a new Board of Directors.


Opening of two new TOUS workshops in Sabadell (TATO) and presence on 5 continents with almost 500 stores.


Coinciding with the company’s expansion and with a clear creative call, in 1985 Rosa Oriol was inspired by what would later become the brand’s symbol.

“On one of my trips, I saw a teddy bear in a shop window that brought back fond memories of my childhood. Why not make one in gold? The bear marked the start of our expansion and it’s always present in our designs. It is very special to me and I am aware that we have gotten where we are thanks to the bear. The tenderness it transmits is universal.”

For more than 25 years of history, the brand’s emblem, the bear, has warmed the hearts of all sorts of people with a youthful spirit and has become a lucky charm for many of them. With its rounded shapes and tender nature, it was designed to evoke the sweetest memories of childhood.


Jewelry is TOUS’s core business. Thanks to its success, in the late 20th century the company began to diversify its portfolio to offer a wide range of accessories, including handbags, fragrances, watches, glasses and accessories.

The jewelry sets the pace of the other product lines, and under the watchful supervision of the company’s art director, the jewelry inspiration is always conveyed to all the other product categories.

Likewise, each TOUS article reflects tenderness, fun and a youthful spirit as the brand values that convey the soul of the company.


TOUS’s origins are in jewelry. TOUS uses fine metals and precious stones, as well as new materials and techniques such as titanium, silicon, hydrothermal gemstones, vermeil (gold-plated silver) and bi-laminate (silver with a lamination of gold) to create unique pieces that fit in with today’s most daring trends.


In 2000, TOUS decided to include in its portfolio a collection of bags, which today account for around 20% of the business in its stores.

To create them, the company uses the best materials and leathers to ensure the highest-quality finishes. TOUS bags stand out for their craftsmanship and design. Its classics include the “Rose” and “Kaos” models.


Salvador Tous was a watchmaker by trade. Hence, TOUS watch line is in the brand’s DNA.

The TOUS range of watches is extremely broad to accommodate a public with wide variety of tastes. It encompasses collections of timeless pieces which are built using cutting-edge technology, as well as a range of contemporary pieces aligned with the latest trends.


The TOUS accessory collection breathes the brand’s creative concept each season. It encompasses everything from silk and wool scarves to ties, writing kits, key rings and gadgets, which join the world of affordable luxury. The collection of children’s accessories and fabric products is gaining more and more fans.


In 2002, TOUS launched its first fragrance, TOUS Eau de Toilette. Each fragrance has a unique market positioning to captivate the brands diverse customers profiles.


Children have always been very important for TOUS since they provide a tender feeling strongly rooted in the brand.

Baby Tous inspires those unique, special moments in life. The singular relationship between a mother and her baby: tenderness, emotion, affection and gentleness. A complete collection of clothing and accessories for babies, girls and boys, characterized by the quality of their fabrics and attention to detail.

Commitment TOUS

TOUS is committed to environmental, cultural and social matters.


In 2007, TOUS opened its new corporate headquarters in El Guix, Manresa (Barcelona) with the restoration of a former 19th century textile factory. The new TOUS building is part of a rehabilitation project in which environmental sustainability criteria were used.

El Guix is a typical textile factory building in Catalonia which was built in 1870, making it the oldest textile factory in the region still standing and one of the few whose structure still remains intact. It has a rectangular area on the ground floor and two upper stories with large windows and stone walls.

Its rehabilitation was used to apply bioclimatic criteria and building systems that help to foster energy savings and efficiency. To this end, the building has more than 1,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, as well as solar panels to generate hot water. Plus, the installation of low-consumption fluorescent light bulbs throughout most of the building allows for high-performance light flows. Likewise, all the windows of the old building were left in place in order to use as much natural light as possible.

In addition to rehabilitating the old factory, an adjacent glass building was also built, called El Cub (The Cube). It is one of the largest buildings in Spain which is sustained wholly on geothermal energy.


TOUS participates in restoring iconic jewelry stores as a symbol of respect for the culture and tradition of the sector.

In 2009, it opened its flagship store on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia after restoring its interiors to match the original design of the rationalist architect, Josep Lluís Sert.

Aware of the rich history of this site, its architectural uniqueness and its status as a protected building within the city’s architectural heritage, TOUS decided to recover the spirit in which it was designed with its interpretation of the original layout and furniture, thus contributing to reviving one of the most notable, studied examples of rationalist architecture in the region.

Inside it has revived the essence of the original concept with the gray and blue colors that Sert planned for the entire interior. Plus, TOUS also commissioned reproductions of all the original furniture, including tables, chairs, display cases and the cash register counter, which were redesigned respecting the original concept and materials.

In 2012, it reopened the Ourivesaria Aliança, an emblematic jewelry store in Lisbon, after restoring its interior, the works by Artur Alves Cardoso, its frescoes and furniture, as well as its famous wrought iron façade.


TOUS keeps careful watch over the sources of its raw materials.

The Kimberley process is a certification system designed to prevent conflictive diamonds from entering the market. It was devised to ensure that purchases of diamonds do not finance conflicts or human rights abuses. More than 97% of the market is affiliated with the Kimberley process, and we at TOUS exclusively deal with suppliers which adhere to it.

In addition to diamonds, TOUS exhaustively monitors the provenance of its other metals and materials used in all of its creative processes.



At TOUS we strengthen our teams with experience, talent and technique that provide greater benefits to our staff. We have very different job positions, in customer service and marketing, as well as in production and logistics.


These are the areas and departments that make up our TOUS world:


We work to expand the TOUS brand and make it recognizable anywhere in the world. Our mission is to provide our stores with all the professional and specialized support they require. From our offices, a team of professionals works in conjunction with our stores to make the day-to-day running of our business possible, carrying out our projects and anticipating the future.


Our stores are the heart of TOUS, the point of connection with the customer: they receive thousands of people every day around the world. These are spaces that have been very carefully designed to make customers' encounter with "prêt-a-porter" TOUS a comfortable occasion. An excellent shopping experience together with our variety of products, allow us to continue surprising and exiting the world.

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