Even the world's second largest retail company wasn't immune from the effects of coronavirus. H&M has announced that in the wake of a 49 percent sales fall, they are now in talks with thousands of staff members regarding shortening work hours and. The news was reported by Reuters. "The spread of Covid-19 […]

The Modist, once dubbed the Net-a-Porter of luxurious, modest fashion, has ceased operations and closed its e-commerce store. The London and Dubai based company founded by Ghizlan Guenez announced on Thursday it would stop trading as it could not withstand the financial pressures caused by the impact […]

During the COVID-19 pandemic, small and independent retail businesses are amongst some of the most vulnerable. The Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) have been doing their part to provide those in need with the crucial information and resources needed at this time to aid with concerns of financial […]

The luxury sector is not immune to Covid-19 and estimates of its impact could see global sales reduced by 35 percent. Multiple weeks of store closures, ongoing social distancing and frugal spending during the crisis is wreaking havoc on the world’s economy, including luxury companies. According to the […]

A year after the acquisition by Golf equipment supplier Callaway, outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin continues its expansion abroad. The German company will "finally invest seriously and sustainably in North America and also in Japan," said CEO Melody Harris-Jensbach when talking to German business weekly […]

Johannes Altmann, owner and CEO of consulting firm Shoplupe, is one of the most important e-commerce minds in Germany when it comes to the customer experience. The current situation presents a real paradigm shift, not only for brick and mortar stores but also for online retailers. We asked the online […]

As the world's second largest apparel producer after China, Bangladesh is feeling the ripple effects of the fashion industry which has been heavily hit by coronavirus. The country is expected to lose 6 billion dollars this year from cancelled orders from major fashion retailers. The news was reported […]

Typically an economic downturn is a rare time for mergers and acquisitions, but L'Oréal has just completed the acquisition of both Mugler and Azzaro perfumes. Last year, the cosmetics conglomerate announced a deal with Clarins to purchase the two perfume brands, and in the midst of a global pandemic, […]

In this time of crisis, on social networks, in our personal conversations and in the press, a question about fashion often comes up: will we still need it? On Instagram, fashion journalist @Abou_sega asked his subscribers about the future of fashion and shared a varied panorama of answers. One follower […]

Everlane has laid off a high number of workers as retailers across the fashion industry cope with a harsh economic state. Though it is not clear how many workers have been let go, WWD reports that "several hundred" workers were affected. A twitter account called Everlane Union has been chronicling the […]




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