Yeezy, the apparel and footwear brand launched by rapper Kanye West in partnership with Adidas, is expected to generate 1.3 billion US dollars in sales by the end of this year, according to a New York Times report. An unnamed source said West earns 5 percent royalties on net sales of the products, which […]

Uniqlo, Asia's largest retailer, is trying to lure employees with a 280,000 dollar salary to try and compete in a tough labor market, also promising them managerial titles within three years if hired. The salary being considered would be triple the average pay at the company, and 10 times the national […]

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has joined the voices against tariffs of up to 25 percent on imports of approximately 300 billion US dollars in Chinese goods, as proposed by the Office of the US Trade Representative. “We find that the proposed tariffs, especially at 25 percent, would be too large […]

The women embroiderers of the remote Mexican mountain village of Tenango de Doria made worldwide headlines this week when their government went to war with an American designer for "plagiarising" their patterns. Wes Gordon, the artistic director of the New York label founded by Venezuelan designer Carolina […]

As part of its climate strategy, the Lenzing Group has set itself the ambitious goal of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and is the world’s first company to do so. The Austrian fiber producer announced in a press release on Friday that it wants to reduce its CO2 emissions drastically over the coming years […]

Southern California brand Three Dots, which abruptly closed its doors earlier this year April, has been acquired by FAM Brands. The Los Angeles-based company will assume design and manufacturing for the brand while also hiring new executive positions and other main roles for Three Dots, according to […]

Several weeks ago, W Magazine appeared to be on the verge of being sold to the owners of Surface Magazine, but WWD has reported that sale might actually fall through. Surface had been trying to purchase W for between 7 and 8 million dollars, but there was controversy over the history of Surface CEO […]

Louis Vuitton is the top luxury brand in China according to the Gartner L2 Luxury China Index, which ranks digital IQ. Bulgari, Cartier, Gucci and Mont Blanc round out the top five luxury brands. Burberry is the only British brand to be ranked in the top 10, achieving a digital IQ of 121 for 9th place. […]

The most promising fashion companies of our times seem to be at opposite sides of a spectrum. On the one hand, we have consumers and industry leaders arguing that the fashion industry needs to move beyond fast fashion. They expect brands to produce more ethically and sustainably, while advocating the […]

Fashion for Good, the global initiative to make the fashion industry more sustainable, is expanding to South Asia. The organization is launching a dedicated innovation program to scale startups from India and Sri Lanka with the potential to disrupt the fashion supply chain. The organization founded […]




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