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Beiersdorf acquires majority stake in life-science company S-Biomedic

By Rachel Douglass


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S-Biomedic logo. Image: Beiersdorf

German group Beiersdorf has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in S-Biomedic, a life-science company and a researcher of skin microbiome.

The group, which owns the likes of Nivea and Eucerin, said it had recognised the potential of skin microbiome “early on”, with this move building on its previous investment in S-Biomedic in 2018.

It added that, after years of “successful cooperation”, the collaboration will become closer.

S-Biomedic will continue to be managed as a standalone entity under the group’s microbiome programme, complementing the group’s own research and initiatives within this field.

Speaking on the acquisition, Jörn Hendrik Reuter, manager of Beiersdorf’s Microbiome Accelerator, said: “We are pleased to welcome S-Biomedic and its dedicated team to the Beiersdorf Group to join forces in this dynamic and highly promising research area.

“The advances of S-Biomedic in biomedical research complement our own efforts in this field and open the door to develop products that work in harmony with the natural skin processes.”

S-Biomedic’s chief executive officer, Veronika Oudova, also welcomed the partnership, noting that the firm’s emphasis on microbiome technologies comes as part of its attempt to make them “the new frontier”.

Oudova added: “I am very excited that together with the team we have achieved a very important milestone on that journey.

“By joining Beiersdorf our novel approach has its path to consumers all over the world.”