Non-profit group Global Fashion Agenda, which focuses on sustainability in fashion, has announced a strategic partnership with Bestseller for it to advise it on the “strategic direction and help shape the operational focus” of the organisation.

In collaboration with other strategic partners, including H&M, Kering, Target, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Li and Fung, Global Fashion Agenda, founded by the Danish Fashion Institute in 2016, aims to mobilise the global fashion system to change the way we produce, market and consume fashion.

As a strategic partner, Bestseller will advise on the strategic direction and operational focus of the Global Fashion Agenda, while also offering its expert opinion and input for the development of sustainability recommendations for fashion businesses.

Bestseller sustainability manager Dorte Rye Olsen, said: “We believe a common and focused effort is needed to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Therefore, we’re happy to enter into this partnership with Global Fashion Agenda, and we are convinced that we can learn from each other’s experiences and together have a positive impact on the global fashion agenda.”

Global Fashion Agenda chief executive and president Eva Kruse, added: "We're very happy to have Bestseller join our strategic partner group. Having a Danish company in our group will not only help push the agenda on our home turf, but with its massive volume and reach, Bestseller is also able to help us propel the agenda globally.”





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