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Fashion for Good unveils new strategy, transforms museum into multipurpose space

By Sylvana Lijbaart


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Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam. Credits: Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good will continue to focus on the application and dissemination of regenerative fashion innovations. The new approach also sees the museum transformed into a multipurpose and co-working space as part of the new strategy.

The goal of the renewed specialisation is to strengthen the innovation platform and increase efforts in branding, supplier integration, financing and impact measurement, Fashion for Good wrote in a press release.

It continued: "Over the past five years, circularity and innovation in the fashion industry have experienced exponential growth. At the same time, global challenges such as increased macroeconomic risks, the climate crisis and changing policies have made the landscape of the fashion industry more complex. These developments have prompted critical reflection within Fashion for Good to ensure that its work remains at the forefront of innovation and drives industry transformation."

The new strategy sets out five new pillars. For example, Fashion for Good wants to establish a dedicated 'Scaling Team' to provide tailored support for innovations focused on the above facets. In addition, it wants to introduce a 'Strategic Supplier Program' and empower brand partners to take action by facilitating cross-functional innovation agendas, structures and processes, and increasing investment support. Fashion for Good further wants to share insights and knowledge with the public about innovations.

New plans often require making space. Fashion for Good is doing that by saying goodbye to the museum, which will close its doors as of June 2024, according to the press release. The museum's last exhibition, opening at the end of Janaury, is set up as "a grand finale" around circularity. The museum's lessons, collections, tools and objects will be made available for free through an open digital platform on its website for continued use by educators, the cultural sector and the public.

Fashion For Good